25-year-old girl overcomes anorexia and now stands out as a bodybuilder; your story will inspire you


She is Aroosha Nekonam, originally from Aberdeen, Scotland. She is 25 years old, has a degree in Law and is an instructor fitness and bodybuilder, can lift twice its weight.

For many years she suffered from anorexia, and her condition was so serious that she could be tied to a wheelchair if she continued to live that way. That's why he tells his story, so he can help more girls with this problem.

She was always very active and perfectionist

Aroosha was a dancer since she was three years old, and when she reached adolescence she decided to start a diet and exercise. Unfortunately, the stress he suffered caused him to restrict food and run 10 kilometers a day in his eagerness to perfect his body.

In my search for perfection, I started doing more harm than good Feeling hungry was my answer to everything, because it was the only thing that my eyes saw well That I thought and deserved, because I felt it was lost space.

Every time it became lonelier

Just as she lost weight, she isolated herself from the world and her hair began to fall, her skin was dry and she always had a cold. She planned to visit a clinic specializing in anorexia in South Africa, but it was difficult to survive the flight.

I needed support

With the help of his family and friends, working hand in hand with his psychiatrist and nutritionist, he gradually began to gain weight and realize that it was not worth doing that to his body. Aroosha describes the hell of the recovery process, since her self-esteem was very low and she did not think it deserved to recover. When he began to feel better, he decided to practice yoga, which helped him strengthen his mind and body.

He started lifting weights

After regaining her self-esteem, she found Instagram posts of women who practice bodybuilding and realized that it was the kind of body she wanted to have. Now he concentrates on eating healthy so he can lift more weight and does not conform to anyone's beauty standards.

Share your story

Last February she shared her story for the National Eating Disorders Awareness.

The deadly symptom of an eating disorder is that it is silent, if you are dealing with it, you need to talk to someone. Do not let it consume you, you are beautiful and you deserve to recover.

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