25 Words that after the 25 will not be the same again


As we grow, things change, but there comes a point where nothing is definitively the same as before. The feared 25, that age when you're not completely an adult but you're not the boy or girl who could spend all night partying and the next day wake up like nothing.

Some questions about your personal life, such as when do you plan to settle down? They are becoming more frequent and begin to hurt. But what will really bother you are the words that follow, because after 25 years absolutely will not have the same meaning again.

1. Hangover

Before 25: It does not exist in your vocabulary or just means a slight headache and remember how much fun it was the night before.

After the 25: You feel that you are about to die. You can not get out of your bed, you do not want to see the light of day, much less remember what you did last night.

2. Mom

Before 25: That woman you love but with whom you live fighting because, according to you, you do not understand.

After the 25: The most woman I knew you will know in your whole life and that you will always be right in everything.

3. Facebook

Before 25: The social network where you lose most of your free time. You have among your contacts people with whom you almost never speak.

After the 25: The place where you find out what your acquaintances are doing. Your homepage is flooded with wedding photos, engagement rings and ultrasounds.

4. Haters

Before 25: People you spend paying attention to.

After the 25: Hat what?

5. Discotheque

Before 25: Place where there is a lot of alcohol, music at full volume and strangers that your friends make.

After the 25: The very hell.

6. Single

Before 25: A person who is not married or has any love relationship of any kind and still is happy.

After the 25: When people think you need someone urgently because loneliness is affecting you.

7. Boyfriend

Before 25: Person with whom you have a loving relationship that your family asks you to take calmly.

After the 25: A reason to ask: When do they get married? Are they going to live together?

8. Work

Before 25: Labor for which they give you a small monetary retribution and that can wait while your parents do not say anything to you.

After the 25: You need it to survive.

9. Weekend

Before 25: Going out partying until dawn, drinking alcohol as if the world were going to end and not remembering anything the next day.

After the 25: Time to do something nice, without excess. Rest to start a new work week.

10. Falling in love

Before 25: Cursilería in its maximum expression. Thousands of messages, calls at all hours seven days a week until they formalize the relationship.

After the 25: To your house or to mine?

11. Save

Before 25: Think you should save money for something in the future.

After the 25: Something you keep thinking about and have not done yet.

12. Go to bed early

Before 25: You are sick, you feel bad or you were not allowed to leave.

After the 25: Something you will thank infinitely the next day.

13. End a courtship

Before 25: Be devastated, about to drown you with your own tears.

After the 25: The following!

14. Mornings

Before 25: Hours of the day when you're probably still asleep.

After the 25: Moment that you have to take advantage of if you do not want to regret the rest of your day.

15. Plan

Before 25: Know which party you will go to at night.

After the 25: Organize Absolutely all your life. When will you go shopping, what time will you eat, what day will you wash, how long will you have to watch TV.

16. Meeting with old friends

Before 25: Bar, alcohol, total debauchery.

After the 25: A good conversation accompanied by a dinner and one or two drinks.

17. Children

Before 25: In the future.

After the 25: Bah, not thanks yet!

18. Wrinkles

Before 25: No, I do not care.

After the 25: They are not visible yet, fortunately.

19. Food

Before 25: Any edible thing that crosses your head.

After the 25: Something you try to take care of. The word nutrition begins to be part of your vocabulary.

20. Text messages

Before 25: Service that you use all day to communicate with your friends, family and / or partner to tell them every detail of your life.

After the 25: Medium in which you limit yourself to answer with an Ok.

21. Teenagers

Before 25: Young people with whom in some occasions you have something in common.

After the 25: I can not stand them! They worsen with the passage of generations.

22. Responsibilities

Before 25: Tasks that you have to fulfill, but that does not matter if you do not do them, even your parents will do it for you.

After the 25: Obligations that if you do not do it, rest assured no one else will.

23. Tourism

Before 25: Go on a trip to another place to drink, dance, drink again and dance again.

After the 25: Know other places, enjoy the moment, learn from each place you visit, save memories.

24. Friends

Before 25: A group of acquaintances with whom you go out to have fun.

After the 25: That small group of people that you know will always be there for you when you need them and you for them.

25. Adulthood

Before 25: Stage of your life that has not yet arrived, because it is about reaching totally the physical and psychological development.

After the 25: Stage that continues without arriving.

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