25 Women who should have strictly PROHIBITED using eye concealer


All women enjoy when we apply makeup on our face: it makes us feel beautiful and sophisticated. The concealer has facilitated that features of our face can be highlighted so that they look spectacular although there are some women who abuse to such a degree that they seem pampered. They, definitely, should be forbidden to use it.

1. Eva Longoria is not saved

2. She wanted to highlight her deep gaze

3. The circles around your eyes are perfect

4. She feels that she has a very natural makeup

5. Make-up does not matter, the concealer does

6. Maybe Drew Barrymore's makeup artist had the day off

7. These twins decided to tan to make their eyes stand out more

8. They went to a costume party and wore natural masks

9. Who said your skin tone is not very white?

10. Maybe her friend taught her how to apply the concealer

11. Your eyes are so natural! And they stand out more with the white of the contour.

12. What matters is the smile

13. Maybe he had not slept well and needed to hide his dark circles

14. The important thing is that everything combines

15. They not only share the friendship, they also share the concealer

16. Because it's always good to have a sexy pose

17. Talc is cheaper, so use makeup

18. What captivates him is his look

19. Because being tanned does not prevent me from showing my eyes

20. We all have a friend who wants to stand out

21. The perfect look for Facebook profile

22. The important thing is not the accessories, it's the look

23. Let it be noticed that she looks towards the horizon

24. Nothing is too much for her

25. She looks so natural that we doubt she looks bad