25 Uncomfortable moments that every short girl will understand


Throughout my life as a short woman (we are talking about 1.45 meters high), I have dealt with comments and uncomfortable moments. Having a small stature means endless complications, such as not reaching things that are in high places or having to constantly fix clothes. As for men, fortunately most do not find a problem, they may even be attracted to women of short stature.

For me the size has never been too important, but I know that all those who are like me, we have dealt with problems like the ones I present below.

1. Washing clothes

2. Having to adjust the car seat after someone tall handled it

3. Climb to reach some things

4. Water up to the neck in the shallow end of pools

5. Having to scale the supermarket shelves

6. When sitting behind anyone have a limited view

7. Feet will always be flying when you sit down

8. Long skirts turn into long dresses

9. Having to fold all pants from the bottom

10. Otherwise they will cover your feet

11. See you together with your best friends

12. That people use your head to recharge their arms

13. The mirrors do not seem to understand us

14. Having short legs and being late everywhere

15. That they ask for your identification in the bars

16. And that they do not see you behind the bar

17. Use stairs to take a selfie

18. Banquitos are indispensable

19. Kissing on tiptoes

20. Wear long sweaters that look like mini-dresses

21. There are never shoes that are your size

22. Support really silly comments like: You're really small! And you do not grow?

23. People always emphasize the obvious (if I had a dollar for each time I was told low, it would be rich)

24. Having to explain to people that there is a world up there that I do not know

25. You must remember that

You're not short, you're a McNugget! (all the flavor in a small portion)