25 Transformations that make Brenna Mazzoni the queen of cosplay


Brenna Mazzoni is the new queen of cosplay, and everything is due to his great skill with makeup and brushes.

Brenna is able to bring from fiction to real life horror characters, villains or any evil entity that has stolen the attention of viewers through the screen, and the result of their creations is worthy of applause.

1. Medusa as you have never seen it

2. Gamora changed look?

3. Rulasula as a poor soul in disgrace

4. The queen of the night that GOT needed

5. Hades in its feminine version

6. Emily is still waiting for the love of her life

7. The Mayor is ready to turn his head

8. Lock is willing to take you with Oogie Boogie

9. Barrel prepared for one of his jokes

10. You will never want to have enemy Shock

11. Dr. Flinkenstein, ready for a new and horrifying experiment

12. Direct from the Hell-Boy cave

13. Are you ready to have a cup of tea?

14. Venom was never so seductive

15. Wybie Lovat willing to kill the other mom

16. Greta Gremlin does not lose the charm

17. Excellent! Mr. Burns

18. Cause this is thriller Thriller night

19. Miss Argentina from the world of Beetlejuice

20. Lydia and her iconic wedding dress

21. Beetle, Beetle, Beetlejuice!

22. The Grinch trying to steal the spring?

23. Beware of biting that apple!

24. Shazam!

25. Give it, leave that fish in its place!