25 Times when Joe Manganiello was too sexy for our mortal souls


Joe Manganiello is an excellent actor. He began his career as Flash Thompson in Spider Man, but his most memorable role is that of Alcide Herveaux, the sexiest werewolf of television in True Blood. He has acted in more television series and movies, but let's be honest: this man with his sculptural body and his seductive attitude is the protagonist of many fantasies.

When we hear his name, the scenes of his exotic dances come to mind. Magic Mike or in Magic Mike XXL. We do not know if both sex appeal It comes from its interesting Italian, Armenian and Austrian ancestry or simply from the hours it has spent practicing sport. For now we will recount the times when Manganiello was so sensual that the temperature went up.

1. When you put black shirts

2. When he played Alcide Herveaux

3. When a wave caught him unawares

4. When you throw a serious peek

5. When you focus on your exercise routine

6. When squeezing biceps makes you smile

7. When you admit that the firefighter suit fits PERFECT

8. When you forget your tie and open your shirt

9. When it makes us develop a cold Pepsi

10. When you recreate 50 shades of gray with this outfit

11. When he pulls out his side gamer

12. When relaxing in the pool

13. When we want to be the sand stuck to your body

14. When you take off your glasses and let us appreciate you better

15. When she screams and admits to being sexy

16. When your shirt is unnecessary

17. When you wear casual with sexy leather jackets

18. When he comes out like a little mermaid and looks at you with that smile

19. When you think we're going to confuse you with Beast

20. When you walk in the kitchen it makes you happy

21. When you take pride in your roots

22. When playing baseball

23. When we first envy Smurfette

24. When it appears in magazines of fitness

25. And when she shows her charms subtly

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