25 Things that SUCCESSFUL women do in their LIFE


Each person has their own definition about success. You can be successful in any area of ​​life, as long as it is important for you, from being a mom to becoming the woman with the best job in the world.

Although everyone has a different way of achieving success, there are certain characteristics, habits, customs and ideas shared by women who have achieved their goals and are considered successful in life. Here we leave you 25 things that these women have in common.

1. They believe in themselves

They do not base their self-esteem on what others think of them. They know and accept themselves so much that they believe that everything they propose can be achieved.

2. They keep their personal life private

Successful women have understood the importance of keeping their private lives away from the work environment and people in general. They do not need to inform everyone about everything that happens in their day to day.

3. They are responsible

They have understood that being responsible is a requirement to be a better person. They take each step being aware of where they want to go, thinking about the options and deciding what is best for them. Although the result may not be what was expected, they take care of the consequences because, at the end of everything, it was a decision of their own.

4. They remember their roots

Successful women are humble, generous and authentic. They never forget what it is to work hard, nor the sacrifices they had to make to get to the place where they are now. Do not forget that they are human beings like any other that surrounds them.

5. They say what they think

They express what they think and defend what they believe, without being aggressive but also without passivity. It is not about going through life hurting with words or talking about more, but about saying what you think to contribute something to the world.

6. They do not stay in the past and learn from it

All of us, at some time in our life, have had or will have difficult and painful experiences. You have to learn to live them, take the best of them and move on.

A successful woman can fall once or twenty times, but no matter how many they are, she gets up, shakes herself and keeps walking. Transforms the bad experience in learning.

7. They enjoy their loneliness

Successful women have understood that in order to be well with others, it is essential to learn to be good with themselves. They do not need anyone else's company to be well.

If you learn to enjoy your solitude, you will be happy every day of your life. Learn that the best company you have and the one that will accompany you for the rest of your life, is yours.

8. Still, they know how to maintain genuine relationships and keep them strong

Although they enjoy their solitude, they also know that being surrounded by a group of friends who support them is the key to success. They keep up with old friendships and try to make new ones in every place they go.

9. Take care of your body

Successful women have understood the importance of regular exercise. The body is our structure and part of it physical health, in addition, exercise relieves stress, releases endorphins and increases energy. If the body feels good, you can do anything.

10. Set limits

They never do things that go against what they want, just to make others happy. And these limits range from the sexual to the professional.

11. They have a positive attitude

Everything in this life depends on how good or bad attitude you have. The mind is like a machine: if you put garbage in it, you will generate garbage.

12. Focus on your strengths

Women who have achieved success in their lives, pay attention to all the good they have. They focus on the positive and that leads them to act with force, develop their skills and always stand out.

13. Support others

Successful women, instead of trying to stumble, disparage or contemptuously treat those around them, offer their support. They have understood that if the people around them are happy, that will help them to develop without setbacks.

14. Decide

Turning things over and over again only delays the processes of life. Successful women are decision makers in any aspect of their lives.

15. False stories are not created

They leave the stories aside. They build a reality based on what it is and what they want it to be. They see things as they are, without adding complexity or idealizing them.

16. They know how to refuse

Saying NO to the things you do not want gives a woman power. It makes her self-confident and strengthens her self-esteem.

17. They have real expectations

A successful woman knows what her strengths and weaknesses are, and she is perfectly aware of what she is able to achieve when she tries.

18. They surround themselves with people who bring them

They stay away from the toxic people who pollute their lives.They seek and seek to surround themselves with people like them, people who contribute something to their lives, who help them build a better existence, inject energy and strength to achieve their goals and objectives.

19. They venture to experience new things

Although the unknown gives a little fear, they know that experiencing will always be the best teacher. They constantly challenge each other, fight to overcome their fears and insecurities, and most of the time they come out victorious.

20. Do not torment or self-flagellate

They know that they are human beings like any other, and that they can be wrong. But when they fall, they do not feel defeated, they do not blame others and they do not live suffering because of the mistake made. They analyze why they were wrong to no longer do it and then move on.

21. Act to achieve your dreams

It is useless to daydream about what you want so much without doing something about it to achieve it. Successful women are very clear about their objectives, what they will do and how they will do to achieve them. They have established a method and day by day they do something to reach their goal.

22. Do not expect perfection

Losing time and energy trying to be perfect only leads to unhappiness. Successful women know they can not do everything right, all the time.

23. They know how to use their body language

Body language is also a way to communicate. A successful woman knows how to use her body as a tool to express what she wants: she smiles, stands up straight and with her chin up, shakes her hand firmly, walks with a sure step, does not cross her hands or legs when talking to someone else , go to the eyes and have a winning attitude.

24. They are passionate about what they do

Doing things with passion is the first step to success. If you do not love what you do, chances are you are not motivated to go further and stand out. Successful women are passionate about their career and whatever they have chosen to do, love what they do and exploit all their skills and abilities to the fullest.

25. Express gratitude

Success will never be achieved in a vacuum. A successful woman recognizes who supports her every day, be it family, friends or co-workers.

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