25 Things that NOBODY ever told you would happen to you when you reach twenty


When you're a teenager you dream of reaching 20, being independent, starting to have what you've dreamed of and being a successful person. But, surprise! When you finally reach that age, you discover that not everything is as you thought it would be.

Nobody prepares you to be 20 or thirty, or forty, but each one of us must experience the stages of life and learn from them. However, these 25 things are likely to happen to you when you reach the dreamed 20.

1. Going out and drinking is no longer as exciting as when you were 18

Now a hangover lasts two days and recovering your lost sleep hours takes you all week. You will swear not to take it again, although obviously that will not be fulfilled.

2. You will try to change your eating habits

For the first time you will begin to make a rigorous diet, which you will break immediately because you do not know where your will power has been.

3. There will be days when you wake up with uncertainty

Maybe you doubt whether what you're doing is really what you want; maybe you miss your life in family or your city Without a doubt the twenty are the years in which you know yourself more.

4. You will constantly complain about your parents

But at the same time you will realize that every day you look more like them.

5. You will try to become an expert in the kitchen

But first you will fail, the noodles will stick to you and if you neglect yourself, you will burn enough.

6. Relationships for a while will stop being yours

You will begin to think seriously about having a formal relationship.

7. Your musical tastes will change

And you will not care what people think of them. You'll even feel proud of your guilty tastes.

8. You will think about adopting a pet

You know that you are more than ready to take responsibility for someone else.

9. Sometimes you will feel old!

It does not matter that you are barely 20 years old, and that everyone says you are in full youth, there will be a time when you will feel that you are aging.

10. You will fall in love with more passion

The only thing that matters to you is to love that person and enjoy your relationship.

11. The more you sleep, the more tired you will feel

Why? Your pace of life is no longer the same. Maybe you finish college and you should study more, do jobs, etc., or start working, even while you study. Add to that the daily exercise, do not miss seeing your boyfriend. You begin to know what is a tired sunrise even if you have slept several hours.

12. Your desire to travel and to know the world will intensify

Do you know what is best? You probably now have money to start doing it.

13. You will not mind impressing anyone at parties anymore

Now you will go out with your friends and have fun without the need to impress anyone. You no longer need to prove that you are the queen of shots but to strengthen your life experiences.

14. Physically it will be the stage where you will best see yourself

At last the hateful adolescence is coming out of your life!

15. You will find that finding the perfect job is more difficult than you thought

You will realize that the work of your dreams is not waiting for you around the corner and that to get it you have to start from the bottom.

16. Coffee will taste better than ever

If before it was not, now it will be your best company every morning.

17. You will feel the need to become independent from your parents

Although maybe you still do not do it at all, but hey, for something you start, right?

18. You will accept that making mistakes is not as bad as you thought

Every time you make mistakes, you learn great things that are helping you to mature.

19. Every time you will have less friends

Fewer name friends like those thousand you added on Facebook, but more real. Those that are staying can be sure that they are the real ones.

20. You never imagined how fast time passes

At what time did you grow up and become an adult? From one moment to another your friends invite you to their weddings or baby showers.

21. You will notice that your parents are getting older

Maybe it is now when that change begins to become evident to you: they no longer have the same energy as before, and they can no longer do the things they did when you were little.

22. The physicist will no longer be important to choose a partner

You no longer pay attention to how handsome he is, you care more about his personal qualities, his ambitions and his dreams, because you also care about yours now.

23. There will be more obstacles than you imagined

But calm, think and remember it every time you need that now you are more prepared than ever to face them.

24. Finances start to worry you

Little by little you will learn to manage your money in a better way and to spend it on things that are necessary rather than on the cravings, but you should not leave aside what you like. Only when you are twenty can you begin to achieve both.

25. You will enjoy your 20 more than any other time in your life

You are only young once in life, and at 20 you are. So: Enjoy!

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