25 Things that girls who hate physical contact want the world to know


There are two types of girls: those who love long hugs, snuggle close to their partner and practically any form of contact. On the other hand, there are those who simply do not conceive of receiving just a touch without prior consent.

When you're the second type of girl, the world can sometimes be a battlefield. Whether you grew up in a family where physical contact was not common or you're just a woman who values ​​personal space more than anything, these are some of the most common situations in your life.

1. You only touch someone when absolutely necessary

2. Every time someone tries to hug you, your body is put on alert

3. Especially if it's someone you hardly know

4. Tickling is the worst form of torture that exists

5. Traveling on public transport during rush hour is one of the worst experiences of your life

6. If you are pregnant is a real headache that everyone wants to touch your belly

7. If you were an animal, you would be a cat

8. And if you were a plant, a cactus

9. Sometimes you wonder what is the need of people to touch others

10. One of the most difficult things to have a couple is to share the bed

11. If someone likes you, but gets too close to the beginning, you do not see it again

12. You do not understand why people in the gym think it necessary to approach sweaty strangers

13. When you say I'm cold, it really means that, it's not hug me

14. People think you are cold and without feelings

15. You hate group photos

16. Crowds like concerts or crowded parties are not your thing

17. You know the pain of loving a loving person

18. You have very specific personal rules about the personal space you need

19. If you can snuggle up a minute

20. You do not understand why someone kisses your hand as a greeting. Since when are you a duchess?

21. You could hit anyone who wants to play with your hair. No problem

22. You hate summer because you wear less clothes, and that means more skin-to-skin contact

23. Babies are adorable, but you definitely do not like them to put their fingers in your nose or fill you with drool

24. You were never a fan of the bottle game

25. Simply, your idea of ​​sympathy or love is not walking around the world

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