25 Things every little girl wants her dad to know


As girls, many women have seen dad as a hero; he can do everything. When a girl is small, she may not be able to express to her father how much she learns from him and how she would like to protect or coexist with her, that is why we have prepared this list of those things that a daughter would want her father to know.

1. Just as you give me your love, so I want to give it to others

2. Ask me how I feel and listen to my answers

3. Treat me like a princess, that will make me a woman sure of myself

4. When you are gentle, I understand in a better way what you are trying to tell me

5. If you teach me to feel safe when I am with you, I will know how to take better care of myself

6. Even though I can not understand when you are angry with me, talk to me

7. I also learn how to be treated by how you treat my mom

8. Please stay available. I will always want to be near you

9. Show me tenderness, so I will learn to accept my vulnerability instead of being afraid

10. Teach me to love the arts, science and nature, and I will learn that wisdom is more important than physical

11. If you let me help you when you do complicated tasks I will believe that I can do things by myself

12. Through your love I can understand what healthy love means

13. Let me say what I want even if I'm stupid, I want to know that you take my opinions into account

14. Do not be scared if my body changes, or I'll think something is wrong with it

15. If you are able to be happy with yourself, I will learn that from you

16. Do not let yourself be manipulated by money, or I'll believe that's all for you

17. Please, do not lie to me! I believe everything you tell me

18. Do not avoid difficult conversations; I'll believe that I'm not worth it

19. Do not talk about sex as a teenager, I'll suspect it's dirty

20. When you joke about a woman's physique, I'll assume they'll make fun of me too

21. How you handle my emotions is how I will allow other people to do it

22. If you protect my femininity, I will know everything about myself; It is my protection shield

23. How you treat our dog when you think I do not see you, tells me more about you than anything else

24. If you always look for what makes you happy, I will also do it for both

25. And some years later, you will give me the second man who will love me as only you do

When you see that she is no longer your little one, you will realize what she learned from you about life, love and herself. What you do or say now will be part of your training as a person.

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