25 Tattoos for COUPLES that all ENAMORADOS are going to want to do


Like the decision to share your life with the person you love, getting a tattoo is something you can not regret, it is a brand that you will carry the rest of your life.

If you share with your partner most of your tastes, hobbies and all the love they feel for each other, why not also share a special tattoo with which they feel identified and more united than ever?

1. A life One Love.

2. Jam and butter

3. Minnie and Mickey Mouse

4. Maple leaves

5. Parakeets in love

6. CatDog

Couple showing their arms with tattoos in the form of a cartoon "catdog"

7. Couple Gamer

8. Lock and key

9. I love him. I love her.

Couple showing their forearms with tattoos that say "I love her" and "I love him"

10. Treble clef

11. Heart of rainbow

12. Queen and king

13. Until death

14. I know who guides me but never stop me

15. Love of owls

16. Robotic love

17. We learn as we get older

18. Eva? Wall-e!

19. You are my anchor

20. Origami birds

21. We listen to each other

22. Electrocardiogram

23. Legend of Zelda

24. Perfect fitting pieces

25. Elephants for good luck in love

Tatuajes de puzzle para pareja (January 2021)