25 such creative cakes that it would be a crime to eat them


Many times we look for the best ideas for our cakes, either for a special occasion or because someone asks for one, however when presenting a cake, the goal will be to create a culinary experience that awakens all the senses, not just the palate.

The presentation and originality is something that marks in an incomparable way the story or the reason that seeks to show, or something that is handled at the party or lived together. Here we present some original ideas that you can use or base on them to innovate them.

1. Library Cake

2. Harry Potter Sorting Hat

3.- Cake Make up

4. Cake Seamstress

5. Nikon camera cake

6. Tree cake

7. Giraffe cake

8. M & M cake

9. Film cake UP

10. Dragon cake

11. Sweet cake

12. Piano Pie

13. Cake Movie

14. Construction cake

15. Anthropology cake

16. Wedding cake

17. Medicine cake

18. Giraffe cake 2

19. Base ball cake

20. DJ Cake

21. Cake of the Ice Age

22. Star wars cake

23. Cake of pugs

24. Alice's Cake in Wonderland

25. Sweet cake

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