25 Strange things that all women do but few accept; nobody is saved


Women are not always what we pretend. On the outside we are the most delicate creatures of nature, full of beauty, delicacy and beauty; although in truth we are more than that: we are wild animals, we like to run around the house naked, dance, play and do disgusting things.

We also commit strange and a little foolish acts. But we believe that if we tell others, they will start to laugh at us, so we just do not accept it.

1. Say you read a book when you only know the synopsis or saw something in it Wikipedia

2. Make pee in the shower

3. Fall asleep to not give up the seat

4. Ask the price of a thing and discover that you do not have enough money

5. Turn down the volume to listen to the conversations of others

6. Pretend to do something with the cell phone to avoid greeting someone

7. Check your boyfriend's phone Do not say no

8. Shave only in hot season or if you are in a relationship

9. Use the same bra several times before washing it

10. Belching, we can even be noisier than men

11. Listen to someone else's conversation and give your opinion in your mind

12. Fall in love with a teacher

13. Throat your nose

14. Harass guys in Facebook

15. Get hysterical if they do not respond to a message in 5 minutes

16. Rehearse for the photo that you will upload to Instagram or Facebook.

17. Delete a publication if you only receive one like

18. Scratching your belly while watching TV

19. Read a message, imagine your answer and realize that you did not answer

20. Imagine what would happen if you kissed the person you're talking to

21. Let a gas come out when there is no one around

22. Drink directly from the container

23. Pretend you stretch to smell your armpits

24. Spend several days without washing your hair

25. Denying in the comments that you have ever done any of this

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