25 Signs to know if you already found the love of your life

Every time someone in a romantic movie or a TV show asks if their partner is the right one, the answer almost always comes down to you, you'll only know, but the truth is that, unless you're a fortune-teller, there's really no way to know it. Its not that easy.

In real life, recognizing who is right for you goes beyond feeling butterflies in your stomach. It is both loving what that person is, and knowing that he or she makes you a better human being.

Of course, this is not a magic formula, but I can assure you that someone who has the qualities to make you feel that way will also be an incredible person. After all, should not you be yourself?

1. It surprises you for no reason just to see a smile on your face

2. He listens to you, really listens to you when you speak

3. I miss you when you're gone

4. But you can also live your life when you are too far apart

5. You can imagine your future at your side

6. You really want it in your life

7. You do not love him only as a lover, you love him as a person

8. Both have similar interests and goals

9. Still, it teaches you new things

10. He wants the best for you

11. It will always make you grow

12. Can help you when you need support

13. Will give you a compliment even when you do not ask for it

14. Get along well with your family

15. Keep your promises

16. Your friends are like his

17. Your whims bother you a little, but he will not end with you for that

18. Never is rude or makes hurtful comments

19. Do not make negative comments about your appearance

20. When they have a fight it's fair and they do not insult you

21. It can make you smile just by looking at you

22. You are passionate

23. If you have a bad day, you know you can talk to him about it.

24. He will be honest with you and appreciate that you do the same for him.

25. If you're thinking about him after reading this, it's a good sign.

How You Know When You Found The One | Weekly Wisdom Episode 9 (January 2021)