25 Reasons why you should not commit before 25


The decade of your twenties is a crucial period in which you define who you are and what you want to achieve in your life. You learn to have different responsibilities, you study your university studies, you suffer defeats, you learn from your mistakes and, most importantly: you enjoy your youth to the fullest.

On the other hand, partner relationships teach you that you can meet different people. You have many appointments and your courtships do not involve too much commitment, which gives you the possibility to know what you want from someone with whom you will share life.

There are reasons why you should not settle for going out with a single boy and getting married before you turn 25. Some refer to your personal growth and others to that you must learn to recognize the right man.

1. Be independent

Being independent makes you a mature person, capable of facing challenges; It gives you the opportunity to accept different responsibilities and teaches you not to depend completely on a person to be happy.

2. Trust in yourself

You must be satisfied with the things you have achieved. Feel proud of the person you have become and accept that you have virtues that can be appreciated by anyone.

3. Concentrate on your studies

Having a career is something that fills you with satisfaction. You must dedicate enough time and concentrate: remember that if you study something you love, it will never be an effort for you. You will regret nothing more in life than sacrificing the time of your studies for the time of a relationship. Maybe the relationship is temporary, but the studies are for life.

4. Lay the foundations of your career

He works part time, performs professional practices and learns to relate with people that lead you to have a better curriculum. Make sure you have developed the confidence and strength to be able to develop any work.

5. Plan your future

Decide what you want before you formally relate to a person. Validate important issues such as your aspirations and desires. Concentrate on achieving what you have planned; fight to get it.

6. Take care of your money

Maintain a bank account and a card. Know for yourself that financial security can help you solve your economic problems in the future.

7. Make your own decisions

This is a privilege, so make sure you are able to do it.

Once you are in a serious relationship, whether committed or married, you must make decisions with your partner for the rest of your life.

Your decisions should lead you to do what you most want. Enjoy taking them while you can.

8. Have your own space

When you marry you will have to share your space with another person; It will become tedious and you may not adapt too much to share it.

Having your own space allows you to control the way you decide to decorate, it makes you a more responsible person and allows you to enjoy more of your freedom.

9. Learn new things

Do something that you can be proud of and to which you dedicate your time so that it serves positively in your life. You can read all the books you like, learn a second language, take painting classes or be as athletic as you want.

10. Learn that not everything is a game

Taking life as a game is not valuable for emotional and physical growth. It is both unhealthy and immature. When you are in a serious relationship you can not take it lightly: it involves your future and that of your partner.

11. Experiment

You have to go out with someone completely different from you, in order to find out if it's worth having a relationship in the future. It will probably be one of the most important lessons you have to learn. Experimenting with people and situations will help you find out what is important to you.

12. Value time with your family

The family is forever, but some members will not always exist. The key moment of your youth is spending time with your loved ones. They will guide you throughout all the moments of life, and will provide you with a level of comfort that is hard to find in anyone.

13. Have fun doing what you want

In most cases, the days of youth are characterized by fun. Once you are married, you acquire greater responsibilities and you will not be able to party or do things like when you were single.

14. Go out with your friends

The best thing you can do is enjoy great moments with your best friends, which will then become great memories.

15.Have many appointments

Experiment knowing many men; Find out what you like and what makes you happy. Not only emotionally, but also physically.

16. Listen to your inner voice

You can listen to family advice from friends and other people you love, but nobody knows you better than you do. Listen to your heart, he can feel when it is a right person or when it is not worth it.Either way, always trust yourself because you will usually be right.

17. Do not believe too much in the first I love you

Saying I love you is a word that truly implies a feeling of commitment. Not all people know the value of saying I love you; some may say it without feeling anything for you, so you must identify who says it and when it says it.

18. Not believing that the ideal man exists

Since we are little we have been led to believe that there is a blue prince who will come to save us from all danger and that we will have a happy forever. The reality is that there are no perfect men. You must accept that everyone has defects and virtues, that they are human beings like any other.

19. Start dating with mature guys

You do not need to go out with someone older than you to be a mature boy, but look for someone who knows what they want from their future, who knows the value of money and who has a profession.

20. Experience what it is meant to be, will be.

You must believe that everything happens for a reason and everything you experience in life is because you have wanted it that way. Each experience, however insignificant it may seem, is destined to become a reality, including the person you will fall in love with.

21. Demand respect

Do not settle for a person who does not treat you well. It is necessary to demand respect because you deserve it. Be strong and learn that respect is crucial for any healthy relationship, partner and any other type.

22. To convince you that your partner can also be your best friend

Find someone with whom you can share everything. Find that person with whom you can talk and also be yourself.

23. Know that you can not change people

Maybe you can change your lifestyle or the way you dress, but you can not change a person just because you do not like the way he looks or the feelings or thoughts he has.

It is also unfair that you want to change a person to meet your own needs.

24. Learn to get away from those who cheat

If you ever date a man who cheated on his girlfriend, he will probably do the same to you. As amazing as he is and the wonderful way he treats you, you can not trust him.

25. Reach a level of self-realization

According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, this is the most important thing for a human being to feel good and satisfied.

When you find a point where you are totally and completely aware of yourself and everything you are, you can also realize that you have found unconditional love with yourself, and that you can share that love with a man who is worthy of you. .

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