25 images that prove that Chris Hemsworth is the best dad in the world


Most of the girls know Chris Hemsworth for his role as the superhero Thor, where we inevitably fall in love with him; only that by that time he had already joined his life with the model Elsa Pataky, procreating his 4-year-old daughter India and the twins Sasha and Tristan of 2, creating a family full of love, spirituality and strength.

In addition Chris is an exemplary father and his wife never tires of showing it through Instagram, where the followers of both melt tenderly to see how this muscular man enjoys his fatherhood.

1. Help with the care of their children

Love to spend time with them.

2. Teaches them yoga

It shows your children the importance of maintaining a spiritual balance.

3. Your hugs are the best

Of course I mean the ones your children give you.

4. It makes us die of tenderness

This image is simply beautiful.

5. Train as a family

He not only exercises his legs, also his arms and his heart.

6. Your family is beautiful

They have a great spiritual union.

7. They have the best vacations

The simple fact of being together is the best moment of their lives.

8. He always shows his affection

No matter the place or the time, he cares for his little ones.

9. Prepare dinner

Time to pamper the princess, it does not matter who comes from an awards ceremony.

10. Makes the best birthday cakes

Surely India spent the best of his birthdays.

11. Your little ones help you eat correctly

If you drink a little chocolate nobody will notice.

12. Also to have fun

For him, no football match or shoot is more exciting than climbing the roller coaster with his family.

13. Your arms are the best place to sleep

Your children have verified it.

14. Show them the adventure

It does not matter that they are a little tired.

15. Wrap your children well

To prevent him from getting sick.

16. He is also a child

Probably the best friend of their children.

17. India loves your arms

Like all of us.

18. Help your children achieve their goals

Also to go where they want, all to achieve their goal.

19. Enjoy the afternoons in the park

And we enjoy seeing it.

20. He takes care of his daughter

It teaches how it should be treated by a man.

21. He is the best super hero

It does not matter that I have to leave Thor aside.

22. Love every moment with them

A picture is worth a thousand words, my son only knows about 4, but it's still great.

23. Family trips are the best

Travel back to Australia all in pajamas, we expected a long way. Imagine being able to fly through the sky.

24. Has visits on set

Your daughter said it!

25. He is the best dad in the world

And their photos prove it.

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