25 images of Keanu Reeves with which even your boyfriend will fall in love


Keanu Reeves is the star of the moment and has captivated us not only for his undoubted talent, but for his simplicity and humanity, because even though fame has smiled he keeps his feet on the ground. We've seen him travel by subway and give his place to people or sit talking on the street with the destitute. We love your modesty and authenticity!

That is why we have prepared this gallery that shows its passage through life, from its birth in 1964, to its great success in John Wick and his appointment as ambassador of Saint Laurent. These 25 photos only show that Keanu gets better with time.

1. Keanu was born in 1964

2. In 1967, at three years

3. In 1985 his acting career was just beginning

4. By 1987 he had already performed in small productions

5. In 1989 he starred Bill & Teds excellent adventure

6. Together with his best friend, actor River Phoenix, in 1991

7. He was arrested in 1993 for drunk driving

8. He was a romantic young man in A walk on clouds in 1995

9. By 1997, he was already performing alongside greats such as Al Pacino

10. In 1999 it was recognized worldwide by Matrix

11. In 2001 his girlfriend Jennifer Syme dies

12. In 2003 they released three other films from Matrix

13. In 2005 we fell in love with Constantine

14. The paparazzi they already followed him everywhere in 2007

15. In 2009, it adopted the look what we love

16. The 2011 Keanu is so handsome

17. During the premiere of 47 Ronin, in 2013

18. With short hair in 2015 it was still irresistible

19. In 2017, the second part of the John Wick

20. He was appointed ambassador of Saint Laurent in 2019

21. Be young

22. Or mature

23. Keanu Reeves drives us crazy

24. And it has a special place in our heart

25. Long live Keanu!

Keanu Reeves | From 1 To 52 Years Old (April 2021)