25 Haircuts that my next boyfriend MUST use


For some time now haircuts and hairstyles for men have been more varied. Now they also experiment, they look for the style that suits them best and they look for fashion.

There are thousands of trends that a man can wear, from short hair to a little longer, straight, wavy, or almost monkfish. That's why today we bring you the best haircuts for men. Choose the one that best suits you and dare to experience a new look.

1. A more conventional cut

2. A simple cut can make you look sexy

3. Platinum hair is also left for men

4. Haircut + well groomed beard = irresistible man

5. And without a beard it also looks great

6. A more classic style

7. For those who have wavy and short hair

8. Or if you prefer long

9. The fringe on men is still fashionable

10. One more style hipster

11. For rebels who prefer to wear it disheveled

12. For those who want to look rough

13. A large beard can combine very well with very short hair

14. Tousled and sexy

15. Elegant and formal

16. Side stripe makes men super attractive

17. Fully shaved sides

18. For men who prefer not to have hair

19. Style Dapper

20. A cut that makes mature men look good

21. With curly bangs

22. The cut for daring men

23. And for those who like to look formal but in

24. Neither very long nor very short, only with a lot of personality

25. The fashion combination