25 Funny wedding images that were completely ruined; the camera captured every detail


For the day of the wedding, one of the most important moments in the life of many men and women, the greatest wish is that everything goes perfect and you can enjoy the whole event. To remember, many couples decide to spend a small fortune and hire the best photographer.

However, not everything goes as planned and small details can be presented that are recorded by the camera, many will be part of the funny memories and others, only those inconveniences that everyone should forget. These are the most uncomfortable and funny moments in a wedding.

1. When the sponsor wishes to be the protagonist

2. That moment when the elephant wants to eat the bride

3. The father of the bride does not give a damn about the veil

4. You can not marry her! It's mine!

5. This man does not give a fuck whatever

6. The exhibitionist guest

7. Whose idea was it great?

8. These puppies did not wait for the wedding night

9. This kitten wanted to show her ass

10. The photographer knew how to capture the moment

11. The inopportune moment to duck

12. Everything depends on the perspective

13. The friend who wants to go out in all

14. Marking territory

15. The air took the afternoon

16. He just wanted to toast the happiness of the couple

17. Casting is never lacking

18. We want to think that the boyfriend ate garlic

19. This is the sad story of how the dress of the bride was ruined

20. This puppy is not happy with the decision of its owner

21. The flame that wanted to appear in the photo

22. Grandpa, always wanting to draw attention

23. It's time for the toast !!

24. The little one was very nervous

25. It's nothing personal

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