25 Fun ideas for the photo session on your wedding day They will be unforgettable!


Traditional wedding poses can be boring, especially if you are forced to maintain a forced smile while the photo shoot ends. Surely you would prefer that your personality shine the day of your wedding as they did these couples, who made pose their families, ladies and godparents in snapshots of joke or more spontaneous. (Of course, they made sure that the mothers got the photos they like and that they will appear on the album):

1. This is not suitable for the flower girl

2. Touchdown

3. Look at my ring, guys!

4. The kiss of the first important man


5. Godparents of honor

6. Mission accomplished

7. The evolution of man

8. I need a lift

Ostafi photography

9. Memes

10. Bridesmaids in process

Ashley Shutter


Emin Photography

11. Where is Wally?

12. Grimaces

13. The friend who does not usually appear in the photos

14. And the boyfriend?

Ostafi photography

15. From film

Little Blue Lemon

16. The bride continues to celebrate

With her friends


17. For posts

18. Let's fly together!

19. Someone is left alone

20. You will not escape!

Eduard Stelmakh

21. ¡Strike three! Outside!

22. My super hero

Hoffer Photography

23. Get out of here!

24. Up the bride!

25. Super powerful

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