25 Evidence that having CHILDREN is the most FUN experience


Children are naive and very noble, everything they do comes from their heart and very rarely do so with bad intention. For them everything is fun and that is why they do not think about the consequences that will come later.

They paint the walls, break things, get dirty up to the ears, but it is their way of exploring the world, and we must admit that whatever they do they have a special talent to make us smile even in their worst pranks.

1. But how the hell did it end like this?

2. Dad, do you remember that you did not want to buy me a chocolate?

3. Quick, my parents have already arrived!

4. Day 3: Cats have not realized that I am a human

5. The color black goes more with my personality

6. With permission, with per.

7. My sister? No, I have not seen her

8. I just wanted a relaxing bubble bath

9. Mommy, I already ordered the shoes

10. Friends in good times and bad

11. Do you think this look I look good?

12. Dad stops laughing and come help me

13. No, we have not seen the down

14. And now, how do I take this away?

15. Your cell phone was a little dirty, so I washed it

16. Decorating the house is exhausting

17. Had an overdose of sugar

18. When I eat, I do not know

19. How do I have to bathe ?!

20. Cream + children + television = bad idea

21. I do know how to take the bull by the horns

22. The ground was very hard

23. She needed a makeover

24. Dad needed more color

25. Okay, we clean

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