25 Bras that every GEEK girl needs to have in her wardrobe


Underwear is a fundamental part for us women. Most of the time we prefer to look for models that are comfortable and practical, leaving aside that they are fun and original, but that does not have to be this way: comfort does not have to be fought with fashion.

If you are a girl geek, pay attention to the following models of bras that we bring to you today. You will love them all!

1. Mario Bros

2. Super heroes of Marvel

3. Batman

4. The ninja turtles

5. Control of XBOX

6. Pokémon Poke ball

7. The legend of Zelda (The legend of Zelda)

8. Princess Leia slave

9. Captain America

10. Spiderman

11. Star trek (Journey to the stars)

12. Nintendo Nes Control

13. Star Wars (Star Wars)

14. Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)

15. The Avengers

16. XBOX

17. Joker (The guason)

18. Angry Bird

19. Pikachu

20. R2D2 (Star Wars)

21. Star Wars (Star Wars)

22. The strange world of Jack

23. Batman

24. Pokémon

25. Pacman

26. Storm troopers (Star Wars)

27. game of Thrones

28. Iron man

29. Marvel Superheroes

30. Harry Potter

It's time to say goodbye to your boring bras!

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