25 Amazing tattoos inspired by the movies that marked your life; right in the nostalgia


There is no time when a new trend invades the world, from how to comb your hair to the type of clothes or accessories you should use. And of course, for girls who love ink, today is to wear a tattoo inspired by your favorite movie.

Every day it is more common to see the girls wearing their beautiful tattoos on some part of the body. So if you are determined to ink your skin, check out some options we bring to you, inspired by your passion for cinema.

1. Tinker Bell

The world is a fairy tale.

2. Pocahontas

Perfect for adventurous girls.

3. Mulan

Take out the warrior inside you.

4. The Aristocats

A movie love.

5. Frozen

The princesses are as independent as you.

6. Paperman

Although it's just an animated short, you'll love your love story.

7. 500 days with her

It's a story that teaches you when to say goodbye.

8. Snow White and the hunter

Blanca Nieves stopped being the sweet girl we knew to recover her kingdom and the reins of her life.

9. Percy Jackson

If you are a Logan Lerman fan, it is sure to be your best option.

10. Under the same star

Remember that you can tell a sad story as many times as you want or choose to live to the fullest every moment.

11. Mary Poppins

Fly as high as you want!

12. Dumbo

Forget stereotypes and trust your abilities.

13. Alice in Wonderland

Discover new adventures, it does not matter that the world is upside down.

14. Up

Never forget that love can do everything.

15. Harry Potter

This sure tape marked your adolescence and helped you get the most faithful friends.

16. The Lion King

It represents fidelity to your essence and a peculiar lifestyle: Hakuna Matata!

17. Divergent

Make a difference in your way.

18. Brave

Do not let nobody decide for you.

19. Peter Pan

Never stop having fun like a girl.

20. Hercules

You can become a hero just like Hercules or be as sexy as Megara.

21. The little Mermaid

If you believe in love, do your best to achieve it.

22. Wall-E

As sweet as Eva.

23. The Hunger Games

Because practically the world is summarized in daring or dying in the attempt.

24. Pinocchio

Remember that there is no lie that lasts a hundred years or girls that tolerate a liar.

25. Beauty and the Beast

Noble, intellectual and full of kindness.

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