25 amazing men who deserve the prize of Dad of the Year


For children, a father is a superhero made only and exclusively to protect them and take care of them of the evil of this world. They were designed to give love and be by their side all the time. These supermen represent the role model and act motivated by the love of their children.

They are able to cross storms, rivers and seas, to renounce their comfort for providing the best within their possibilities. They are always willing to sacrifice their comfort to make those little ones they love happy. These wonderful beings risk anything to please their babies. This list will show you how wonderful and fun it is to spend an afternoon with dad.

1. A father does everything for his children, everything!

2. It does not matter that they look ridiculous

3. Or very funny

4. The important things are the moments

5. Have your little ones happy

6. No matter what others think

7. Or how embarrassing it is

8. A father accepts the challenge of loving

9. The challenge of having fun

10. To show how far they are able to get

11. For pleasing your little ones

12. There are no limits

13. A father lives to motivate

14. To comb

15. Tell stories

16. It is not easy

17. Requires patience

18. Constancy and dedication

19. They are not born with a manual

20. Nobody taught them

21. Sometimes they have no idea what they do

22. But they do it from the heart

23. They are not perfect

24. But they try hard every day

25. To make you happier

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