24 Unusual Santa Claus that would ruin Christmas to anyone


It smells like Christmas already! It is time to give and receive, to feel the love of our loved ones on these dates when, in many places, the cold is present and gifts, punch, decorated trees, bonuses and horrible costumes can not be missing. of Santa Claus!

These 24 costumes of Santa definitely should win a prize for the ugliest of Christmas, as they could cause nightmares to both children and adults.

1. Something is up and the children know it

2. Santa is the least terrifying of this photograph

3. Holy zombie has come to eat your brain

4. Mom, I think Santa is broken

5. Your worried face says it all

6. That smile is chilling

7. It's like a scene from Are you afraid of the Dark

8. Santa Claus or Jaime Duende?

9. I do not understand anything about this Santa Claus

10. I thought Mickey and Mimi could not be afraid

11. This mask is like to cause nightmares

12. Is it me or this Santa looks like Elba Esther Gordillo?

13. A Santa Claus with serious anger problems

14. Someone urgently needs some makeup classes

15. Nothing like a purple eye to start Christmas well

16. Has all the swag of the world

17. The blue eye shadow combines perfectly with the red suit

18. Is the child being robbed?

19. Let someone explain to me why he has no eyes!

20. Beard all over the face, why not?

21. As if Santa was not enough to cause you trauma

22. Canteen tanning

23. Papier-mâché Santa because there was no budget

24. The Santa who terrorized your grandparents

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