24 super creative rings that you would like to have in your collection


The rings are one of the most personal accessories and lucidores. When you find the perfect one for your hand and your style, you want to use it as much as possible, or you may like many of them and change your look according to your mood.

What these jewels (no matter if they are fantasy) have lost in symbolism, have won in the creativity of their designs.

These are super originals and I chose them for you.

1. Snowball

This delicate design with a small figure of the Eiffel tower inside, you will love it.

2. Alice in Wonderland Collection

Based on the famous film, within this handcrafted collection are the Chester cat lying on the branches of a tree, a group of fungi that look very elegant and an exotic bird with striking plumage.

3. Star Wars rings

Perfect for lovers of this famous saga. There are designs with the characters Darth Vader, R2-2D and C3PO, Chewbacca, clone troopers, and the famous master Yoda, among others.

4. Ring with hidden message

5. Harry Potter Ring

This ring combines the glasses and the scar in the form of lightning of the most famous magician of our time. Excellent to carry proud his fanaticism.

6. Ring with projector

This ring becomes special because you can project images using the light at one end of the ring, you can customize it with the picture that you like the most.

7. Ring with flowers

This design allows you to appreciate nature more closely, since inside it contains real flowers encapsulated in an artisanal way, like the small dandelions in the image.

8. Pac-Man Ring

Totally retro ring that is special for those who enjoy video games.

9. I love you in Braille

This ring will fascinate you, since you can tell that special person how much you love it in a discreet and elegant way.

10. Eye ring

Maybe not for everyone, but it is a special design that can be used by lovers of the mystical, the supernatural or the dark.

11. Ring balloon puppies

Excellent design that will make you remember when you were a child and you loved balloons with figures

12. Hamburger ring

This fun ring will remind you that food is part of many special moments.

13. Lip ring

A design that looks elegant but with a youthful and sensual touch.

14. Ring of caricature

If you are one of those people who are still great enjoy the cartoons, here is a ring designed in the form of Jake, Adventure Time.

15. Cappuccino cup ring

The pearls gives an elegant touch to this original design.

16. DJ rings

To take the music anywhere.

17. Rings with Architectural designs

These rings show in a unique way the most beautiful structures around the world.

18. Bird house

This beautiful design made up of three pieces forms a beautiful house of birds.

19. Ring spanner

A good contrast between the tool and the precious stones. This model wears a beautiful sapphire.

20. Bonsai rings

If you are a person who cares about nature, this beautiful ring will make you enjoy it even more.

21. Cake rings and chocolates

Designs of different desserts that you can use if you have a playful spirit.

22. Ring of love and peace

Modern design that has stylized a hand with the symbol of love and peace

23. Maleficent ring

Carved in an artisanal way, the design of the ring is a small bust of the famous witch.

24. Mermaid Ring

More sophisticated is this design that you can brag about if you like sirens.

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