24 Strangest and most extravagant weddings around the world You will be surprised!

Thematic weddings have taken on greater importance in recent years, and boyfriends from many parts of the world have searched for unusual scenarios or reasons to remember the day they said: Yes, I accept.

Look at these images of some weddings sui generis where the orientals lead.

1. They got married in Tokyo by a humanoid robot called I-Fairy

2. This couple was photographed on a flooded street during a heavy rain in Manila, Philippines.

3. This unusual wedding was held at the World Congress of Santa Claus at an amusement park north of Copenhagen, Denmark.

4. These boyfriends had to run to escape a man dressed as a pirate, in the Prachin Buri province, east of Bangkok, Thailand.

5. This bride arrived at her ceremony in the back seat of a motorcycle, in Tel Aviv, Israel.

6. This unique dress had a tail 200 meters long

7. This couple from Lima, Peru, wait at the beach for the ritual of their wedding with shamans, on Valentine's Day.

8. They pose in an alley of ancient Beijing, in China.

9. These boyfriends were married inside a chapel made of ice in the Igloo Village from Lake Shikaribetsu, on Hokkaido Island, Japan.

10. A man runs carrying his wife in a rickshaw while it snows in Weihai, China.

11. Divers are the bride and groom, and they were married in an aquarium in Manila, Philippines

12. During a New Year's mini-marathon, the bride and groom run with their girlfriends on the beach of Sanya, in the province of Hainan, in southern China.

13. A wedding couple passes on a pedestrian bridge on Valentine's Day in downtown Beijing, China.

14. Chinese boyfriends travel on a public bus to the Neuschwanstein castle in Germany to repeat their marriage vows.

15. These boyfriends were photographed during the second stage of the Giro d'Italia, with cyclists as background.

16. This couple got married in the first anti-gravity wedding, aboard a specially equipped Boeing 727, while flying over the Gulf of Mexico.

17. These boyfriends decided to do a photo shoot hanging from a cliff in the Zhuang region of Guangxi in China.

18. They were immersed in the water after participating in the 89th annual Polar Bear Swimming in Vancouver, Canada.

19. Planting a mangrove tree after the wedding in the city of San Jose, Philippines, is a tradition they made possible.

20. They converted a forklift into a fun transport on their wedding day in Xingtai, China.

21. This couple decided to photograph themselves in Times Square, New York, during the New Year celebration.

22. These boyfriends were captured after their wedding ceremony in Prachin Buri province, east of Bangkok, Thailand.

23. Surprising kiss suspended in the air, also in Prachin Buri, Thailand.

24. These boyfriends got married in a McDonalds of San Pedro Garza García, in Monterrey

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