24 Reasons why dating a man with tattoos is the best


Tattoos are brazen statements of a person's soul and mind. A man who splashes his body with art has something dark and mysterious, and at the same time expressive because he does not show fear of pain.

Although, of course, your mother is sure you do not care about characteristics and will refuse to accept that you go out with a man who has permanent drawings on his body, forget what they have told you about dating a guy with tattoos. Think you can be an awesome and passionate boyfriend, you just have to look beyond your appearance, and take into account these 24 reasons why.

1. Your look of rude boy

He looks like the boy your parents would have forbidden you to leave during your adolescence, but it is much more than just the look: even in his 20s he will look like someone with a lot of experience.

Tattoos are not the marks of a bum, they are marks of an expressive person. And that is very sexy.

2. Treat your life and your body like canvases

He wants to make his mark and make the world a more lively place. Just as he has done with his skin, he wants to paint a picture of the world, one where he has made a difference. It just does not waste time with irrelevant things.

3. It is committed

Nothing expresses commitment more than having a marked image in the body for life. When he makes a decision, he defends her with his whole being. He knows there is no going back, he will not give up at the last minute, he will not leave someone who cares.

He fulfills what he says.

4. It is mysterious

There is something mysterious and even a little seductive in the story behind her ink (something vibrant and maybe even a little harmful to cover her beautiful skin with images).

It is a question that you want to answer and that will never stop calling your attention or being an enigma.

5. Does not have a boring or conventional job

You definitely can not work in finance with a sleeve that covers your hands. Someone who prefers the ordinary is not the kind of person who expresses himself through ink in his body. A man who explores the world of tattoos, is one who prefers to enter the artistic field and dedicate himself to it.

6. Can be impulsive

Although this can often be seen as something bad and immature, it really is not. He simply is not afraid to make mistakes. He likes to take things as they come and when he has an idea, he pursues it.

7. It is artistic

If you express yourself with tattoos, you definitely have an artistic side. Although sometimes he prefers to cover his art with sleeves, he always sees the world with curiosity and passion.

I could play the guitar or any other instrument which, let's be honest, no matter how old you are, is very sexy.

8. It is romantic

There is a certain air of romance that surrounds a man with tattoos, although it is not about conventional romance, like that of a novel, but about something darker.

He refers you to a passionate romance, full of sensuality, to which it is impossible to resist.

9. It looks amazing with short sleeve shirts

There's nothing sexier than a man in a short-sleeve shirt who looks his tattooed arms. It's something about the way you combine your formal clothes and the unusual body art, which makes you look extremely attractive.

10. Supports pain

Without a doubt, he is a brave man. A little pain is something that will never scare you. His masculinity represented through tattoos is a quality: a guy who supports a needle crawling on his skin for hours in the name of art, is a worthy man to go out with you.

11. Find the meaning of things

He is an old soul. Even in the simplest situations, you can find some meaning to them. See life from an optimistic and poetic point of view. Probably not someone who can be easily treated, but his infatuation with life is something exquisite.

12. Do not be afraid of being imperfect

Imperfection is not a defect that worries you, in fact, it finds it more exciting than doing something impeccably. See beauty in broken things, rough edges and cracks. Perfection is something simple and boring.

13. He is honest about his past

Although, in his past, he could have done things that he does not feel proud of, he will never feel ashamed of them. He is the kind of man who faces his mistakes and takes them as lessons. His past is just part of the history that has helped him to shape the man he is today.

14. It is sensitive

A man with tattoos is not prone to be insensitive, nor to build walls that allow him to hide his emotions. He is aware of his feelings, even when he is not immersed in them. He feels comfortable with his emotions, so he has no problem when expressing them.

15. Know what you want

Even in the vague moments, he has a vision of what he wants in his life and for his future.Although, it is true that this type of men love to live the moment and experience things with all their senses, they still have dreams and aspirations that they want to achieve.

16. He is not afraid to add color to his life

He has already done this through his tattoos, and he is not ashamed of it. He is interested in complicated things. He is not afraid of the passionate and the emotional, as he knows how to handle these types of feelings in his life. They are part of the world and he strives to ensure that variety is never lost.

17. It is not alien to the controversy

A man with tattoos is not the type that usually goes unnoticed on the street. He is aware that the generation before hers thinks that his tattoos are ridiculous and even make him look a bit misguided. He accepts value judgments and does not give a damn what others think.

18. Carry your heart in your hand

Both literally, figuratively. His vision is reflected in his tattoos, and also his heart is reflected in them.

19. Has overcome obstacles

A tattooed boy is a complicated man, someone who has seen a lot in this world and has taken a slice of the cake of life. He is the type of person who has grown thanks to what has happened to him and has learned the lesson.

It is not a person who is damaged; is someone with a strong shell.

20. It opens to strangers

He is not afraid to talk to people, nor to make new friends from whom he can learn. He is open about his life and finds comfort in any conversation. He always has a lot to say and will excel at social events. It is the people with whom it is easy to get along.

21. See the beauty of the dark

One of his best and most admirable qualities is his ability to find beauty in the most abstract places. He sees things in such a fascinating way that you will long to be able to enter his mind and understand things the way he does.

22. Has a story worthy of being heard

Someone who is interested in body art is rarely a bored person with a common past. This man has a fascinating history. He can tell great anecdotes with a great charisma, which is able to get into the mind of any girl.

23. Does not follow social norms

He is not bound by the need to make things white or black. He does not care much about authority and does not usually answer questions to anyone.

He is confident and has enough confidence in his talents and abilities to know that true success is not measured by the amount of things you have, the size of your house or how much money you have in the portfolio, but how you have lived your life.

24. It's amazing in bed

The guys with tattoos are intense lovers. They enjoy every moment and they live it with passion and this is present when it comes to being in bed.

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