24 Problems that only STYLISTS will understand


Being a stylist is more than cutting and painting hair. Sometimes for example you should be the cheapest therapist your client could get. The stylists, cosmetically and psychologically, transform your image and your confidence, in addition to being more aware of the gossip than a show program.

Of course, all professions have good and bad clients. If one of them comes to the room with zero interpersonal skills and terribly rude manners, it will be very difficult not to accidentally cut his hair unevenly. What you will see below is part of the job duties of a stylist.

1. Not being able to hear a client about the noise from the dryer and just laughing, hoping it is not a question

Or imagine that you exclaim ha ha ha! after he tells you that his aunt's funeral was yesterday.

2. I do not want shorter hair and I like color, but I want a change

Why are you in my chair, in the first place? This is almost as bad as when customers want volume, but not too much. Sure, the stylist just have to wave his wand and magic will appear.

3. When a customer arrives with blue and black hair and then asks for a platinum blond

Since when does hairdressing sound like we do miracles? Give me a second while re-inventing the entire color palette.

4. When she asks for three layers

What is this mythical haircut that so many customers insist on? Two or three layers? ¿Queeé ??

5. Finish a dye and look like you've committed a massacre

Here are the bloody hands of death also known as red violet, to be more exact.

6. Or the murder of a smurf

7. When clients leave their diabolical children loose

It is difficult to say what is worse: when a client brings her rebellious child to cause chaos, or when she invites all her circle of friends and you know that they will be aware of each cut you make.

8. The inexplicable feeling that produces a self-cutting

It's that kind of anger you feel when a client cuts her own fringe. Especially when it remains with the appearance of Mr. Spock and then denies it.

9. When your client made an appointment for a court, and then decides to take advantage of it and asks for complete cut and color

Of course it will take more than 45 minutes and will create inconvenience to other clients who have booked their appointment in advance.

10. Have a client keep their eyes wide open while they are washing their hair

Is there anything more disturbing than that?

11. Take off your clothes after a busy day and feel hair in your underwear

Possibly it is the only profession in which this happens.

12. When a client finds it offensive that you ask her if she has used a box tint

We know that you bought a cheap box of dye in daring blonde tone and now correct the color will cost three times more than the price you paid at the beginning. Offer? I do not think so.

13. When your friends assume that all their haircuts will be courtesy of the house

Do you want my hair cut for free on my only day off? Of course! That's exactly why I studied and worked so long!

(We all have bills to pay and hairdressers are no exception)

14. When a client cuts her hair with someone else and you think: What the hell did they do to you?

Seriously, going to a random stylist is like meeting the anonymous blind date. You're going to have an interesting story to tell, but it's definitely not going to end well.

15. When a client is not clear on the idea of ​​what she wants

Yes, I want a cut, but I do not want you to take me out of the front, sides or back. God give me strength!

16. Take more time than necessary in the bathroom just to sit

When you're on your feet all day, going to the bathroom is a luxury of epic proportions, so it's only fair that you get the most out of that moment.

17. When you tell a customer how much you charge and make this face:

How many times are you going to see this face? Good stylists are not cheap, and cheap stylists are not good! If you think it is expensive to hire a professional, wait to hire an amateur.

18. When a client brings her child after an accident

And hope you are able to solve the small problem. You have scissors and a comb, not a wand.

19. When you have to cut your own hair on your day off

Today we are sponsored by sports pants, a comfortable sweatshirt and ZERO hair straighteners. Thank you!

20. When a client arrives with the ends battered and hopes to maintain the hair length

It seems that most customers have absolutely no concept of the fact that there is no way to repair damaged hair.There is no lotion, potion, oil or magic to undo the damage to the tips. The only solution is to cut them. It is only about science.

21. When a client has unrealistic expectations

It comes with the cut Bob Kelly Osbourne and ask for curly curls like those of Beyoncé. If I could change my comb for a magic wand, seriously, I would. In the meantime, be realistic, damn it!

22. When you are in the middle of a haircut and your crotch touches the elbow of a client

In addition, a serious problem is that your breasts will be in front of the customer's face several times during the cutting process.

23. When a client accommodates the hairstyle you made her

You finished and she takes any of your work tools. What are you supposed to do in this situation? (Besides hiding the rage inside you, of course).

24. When your friends ask you if you will go out with them on Friday night

What kind of sick question is that? All this is done to inflict pure anguish on a stylist when everyone knows they have no weekend!

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