23 things that only those who love to spend time alone will understand


Have you ever gone to the movies alone or dined at your favorite restaurant? Would you rather stay at home for a weekend watching movies than going out to drink at a bar? Then, surely, you are a girl who loves to spend time alone. For you there is no better company than yourself. You do not need anyone else.

Women who love to spend time alone know how to find magic in small details, enjoy tranquility and silence. Their greatest pleasure is when they find those moments in which they connect with themselves and the world that surrounds them.

1. A weekend in which you have no plans, there are no responsibilities and you do not have to go anywhere

That is for you one of the best weekends there may be.

2. Sometimes, your friends will try to make plans with you and you have no reason to say no, except for the fact that the only thing you want that day is to be alone

Your plan is to have no plans. People must understand that, right?

3. A good record, a book, or a television program can keep your attention much longer than any party, bar or bar

4. Go to a small cabin in the middle of the forest to just think for a while, it's the best vacation idea you can imagine

5. Nothing excites you more than planning a long and lonely road trip

You know you can think, listen to music or play an audiobook for hours and hours. Is there something better?

6. It surprises you when other women tell you that they can not eat alone in a restaurant

Is seriously? That is one of the simplest pleasures in life! Foods? Good. A book? Good. Without any kind of conversation? PERFECT!

7. For you, the worst defect of a couple could be dependency

You need your space as much as you need the air to breathe. Is essential. Do you need to be near you all the time? There's no deal. Goodbye.

8. Even if you are in love, you will look for time alone to maintain sanity

And to maintain a healthy and happy relationship.

9. The only person you would consider marrying would be someone who also loves to spend time alone

Otherwise, you know it will not work.

10. If someone has to describe you, the perfect word would be: independent

11. Your intuition is incredibly good, because you spend a lot of time alone and cultivating it

12. While many people hate being alone, you consider that your whim of loneliness is a joy. That feeling is much better if you live alone.

You have plenty of time to do the little things you love doing when there is no one around.

13. You are always working on a generally artistic project and you feel uneasy when you have not been able to work on it for a few days

14. When you go out with your friends, you prefer to see them one at a time, or in small groups

It's better, more intimate and they can have a deep conversation.

15. You are a great observer. You analyze the behavior of people and, interestingly, you are very dear

16. A full day for you alone makes you feel more you than anything in the world

17. You love cold, rainy days

So you have one more excuse to stay at home and read, sit by the fire or cover yourself with your favorite blanket, think, cuddle, write in your journal and many other things that you love.

18. You can come to believe that if you are not thinking about the great unknowns of life, then you must be dead (extreme)

19. Because you give much importance to being alone, you are more present and attentive when you spend time with someone else

20. You prefer hiking or going to the beach on your own

It does not mean that you do not like the company of someone else, only that it is a more satisfying experience when you do it alone.

21. Of course it's fun to drink wine with your friends, but having a bottle of it for yourself at the end of a long day is paradise!

22. Traveling to a new place on your own (even if that place is very close) is your perfect idea to have a good time

You are always planning a solo adventure. Experiencing the world through your own eyes, without the opinion of someone else, is not just a desire, it is an essential need for you.

23. When your plans are canceled you hardly get offended because now you have time for yourself

It's something like: Ohh well, more time to be with me! And it is truly an incredible feeling of happiness.

25 Things Only People Who Like To Be Alone Will Understand (January 2021)