23 Terrible but REAL moments for people who use contact LENSES


Having lenses is really annoying, but nothing compares to wearing contact lenses. That terrible sensation of feeling a piece of plastic in your eye is worth a recount of the horrible moments that you have surely gone through. Here are 23 real situations that people who wear contact lenses suffer from.

1. Putting a contact lens upside down hurts like hell

2. When one of your lashes ruins your life

3. Feeling that a fragment of glass has entered your eye

4. That it hurts too much and irritates your eyes without an apparent reason

5. When in a spontaneous slumber party you need to improvise a case

6. When your eyes are drier than the Sahara

7. When the last contact lens of the package is torn

8. When you are ready to sleep and remember that you still have your glasses on

9. Although it is worse to fall asleep with them

10. If you drop a lens you will almost certainly never see it again

11. Always need glasses in the pool

12. Accidentally drop some solution in your eyes

13. The eternal search for the fallen lens

(Sometimes insisting yields its fruits)

14. Being in public and out of your eye

15. Try to convince people that you are not crying

16. Or winking an eye

17. Being cautious always involves having an odd number of lenses for right and left

18. The moment you remember how expensive they are

This is what it costs to be blind #contactprobs? pic.twitter.com/WKzAosEs

Jenica (@jenbuunny) October 27, 2012

(This is what it costs to be blind)

19. Having to blink because your eyes get irritated easily

20. Make your makeup get ruined due to blinking

21. When you forget to remove your frame lenses before removing contact lenses

22. Adjusting your lenses in public causes everyone to be impressed

23. In spite of all the above, you know that you will never stop using contact lenses

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