23 Promises that every girl should make to her best friend


We all have at least one friend that we feel is indispensable, that is part of the family. It is always there, even when we believe that we do not need it. (Eye: we always need it)

The best friends are everything. We spend our lives going to their arms and then stop doing it, that is, we learn that friends can come and go, but to they It is important to be faithful. During the process of friendship with our best friend, we are making promises to each other, some said, others silent, seeking to preserve all the good and sensible that has kept us together every time we have been about to separate. We make promises because we need to be sure that something valuable it remains. We do them because we know that nothing and nobody will want us that way, so complete, honest and sincere.

1. Even if I do not always agree with you, I will always love you, and I will respect your decisions

2. I will tell you when something or someone does not suit you, but in any case I will support you

3. In good times and bad times means that even after a night of partying, I will stay by your side while you turn your stomach in the early hours

4. If necessary, I will blame you for something you have done, because I know you would do it for me too

5. I will force you out of your comfort zone

6. If you fall to the ground, I will raise you, but before, I will laugh hard and I will always remind you

7. If you make a mistake, I will be there to let you know what you were wrong about and at the same time, help you solve it

8. I will remind you that things can always be worse (or do not forget how lucky you are)

9. When I play, I will always arrive at your house with a drink and snack for both

10. When the possibilities are few, I will not tell you that everything will be fine, but I will encourage you

11. I promise to protect you from others, including yourself if necessary

12. I will arrive as fast as I can when you need me, so that you do not experience difficult things alone

13. I will always tell you what I think, without biting my tongue but respecting you

14. I will make you see the difficult things as they are, even if it is the last thing you want to hear

15. Even if I do not have a clear idea of ​​how, I will fight with you

16. I will always be your accomplice

17. I will not sit idly by when a man disrespects you

18. I'll do the stupidest things with you, just for fun

19. I know you will not share the drink I gave you because it's your favorite, so I buy two to enjoy together

20. I will help you to return home when you run away to lose yourself, find you or reinvent yourself

21. I promise not to reveal any of your secrets: I will protect them as if they were mine

22. I will be there to help you fight for what you want, even when you do not know what you want

23. In summary: I promise to love you without conditions

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