23 Products unnecessarily labeled for men and women


It is good that there are products designed especially for men and women because sometimes the needs of each gender are different, but when companies make unnecessary distinctions in products that could easily be used by both is ridiculous.

Eggs for children and eggs for girls? We know that it is marketing to sell, but these 23 ridiculous articles that distinguish between men and women will leave you confused.

1. Are you a man or an apricot?

2. It is said that if you eat eggs that do not belong to your gender, they hurt you

3. I do not even see the difference

4. An airplane and a aviona

5. Batteries to charge your girl's plane

6. If something breaks down in the house and we do not have pink tools, we are lost

7. All this time we did it wrong: the planes were for children

8. A man pan to cook blue eggs at breakfast

9. It's raining and I only bring this umbrella for men; I think I'll have to get wet

10. Because nail clippers normal can not with the nails of men

11. Be careful, do not chew the wrong gum because your teeth fall out

12. The teeth of men and women are brushed differently

13. When your masculinity is very fragile but you want a bath bomb

14. We accept that there are candles for men, but the aroma of vagabond is too much

15. Rings for girls and handsaws for children

16. Shampoo for men to feel strong and heroic

17. Pink is ideal for our delicate female hands

18. To complete the kit of tools

19. Mom, I did not bring you a roller for the fluff because there was only for men

20. Before this, men could not do crochet

21. At least they cost the same

22. Not like in this case that pink plugs cost a dollar more

23. If you carve yourself with the man sponge you will get dirty from the shower

I Grew Up in a Corset. Time to Bust Some Myths. (Ft. Actual Research) (April 2021)