23 Braids for a different look every day of the week


Braids are the favorite hairstyle of many women because they are versatile, not only are they perfect with all kinds of events (even if it is a common day) but there are many styles to experience.

These 23 hairstyles, ranging from a romantic style with flowers to the rudeness of the Viking Lagertha, demonstrate the versatility of the braid to make you look different every day.

1. Duchess style braid

2. A variant of this braid is with half the hair loose

3. Or with two braids

4. The Dutch starts from above

5. You can braid only a part of your hair

6. The spike looks great if you have a lot of hair

7. And you can decorate it with flowers

8. The fish tail is very trendy

9. It is characterized by being a tousled hairstyle

10. The ornaments look great

11. Do not be afraid to use them!

12. A simple but chic bubble braid

13. How about a crown?

14. A Lagertha style hairstyle Vikings

15. Do not forget to add rings

16. The braid with half pigtail will never go out of fashion

17. If you are more skilled you can try this hairstyle

18. To clear your face

19. Boxer style for a look urban

20. Braids with colorful hair look amazing

21. You'll look like a way out of a fairy tale

22. If you have a lot of hair a simple braid is enough to raise your look

23. A cute hat will make your hairstyle stand out

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