22 Reasons why your mom is and will always be your best friend


From the moment you were born until today, there has always been a person who invested completely in your happiness: your mother. This is demonstrated by the fact that when you were a girl you never left her side. Your mother is, truly, your first and your best friend.

She entertained you by playing with toys that were for someone decades younger than her. She picked you up at school every day to make sure she was the first one you told her how your day was. Even now, she still wants to know every detail. Appreciate your humor, remind you not to bite your nails and do things for you for which you will not receive anything in return. She is your friend for life, because:

1. Always defend you

When you were younger this meant fighting with the elementary school principal who did not understand your form of advanced creative expression in art class. And today I would be able to go talk to your boss after seeing that you had a very bad day at work (although it is something that does not tell you). In any case, your mother's power to find words to defend you has never failed.

2. She really cares about what you're doing with your life

Mom: What do you want for dinner tonight, honey?

You: My mom, I can not think about my future right now!

Your mom always dreams of something great for you.

3. Endured watching Disney movies just to see you happy

She keeps assuring that Toy Story is her favorite movie because it was the first movie they saw together.

4. The only thing that matters to you is if you wore sweater

You brought an umbrella, you had a bad dream, or you ate enough. Your mother thinks of all those details that are important for your well-being. Without it, you would probably still wear socks from 5 years ago and survive on instant cereal.

5. She will always try to understand it, even when she can not

You can not complain about your mom for being older and not being aware of what your generation is doing (in spite of her protests claiming that she has a Facebook account and knows how to send text messages).

In fact, your traditional attitude is what keeps you grounded when you try to justify the practices of the new millennium, like the guy you've been dating for a month has not asked for a date.

She may not understand you (And what have you done about it?), but will try to give you the best advice (!You do not need that!)

6. She will always be the funniest person you can drink with

Seeing your mother get drunk is the equivalent of a father observing how his son graduates from college (you will never feel more proud).

You enjoy seeing her as she lets go of her tongue and tells you all the secrets of the family. Finally they have a shared hobby that is not to see The Bachelor!

7. It will always give you the benefit of the doubt

Mom: Where did this charge appear on the credit card?

You: It must be the advance gift you bought me for my birthday

Mom: I'm so considerate!

8. Wants you to succeed without being thanked

There is a reason why I always forced you to do the homework: she wanted you to become a professional and so be able to send a sticker for the car that said it. I have an engineering daughtera (for example).

9. Your mom makes you feel special

You will have hours on the phone just to listen to the trivia of your day. It will take time to prepare your favorite dishes when you go home for a weekend. She even feels happy that you have to wash your clothes at home, and she has told you that you are number one since you were in daycare.

10. She cares about your appearance more than you

Your mom was the first to tell you not to wear that terrible tattoo or that ugly piercing In the eyebrow. Of course, you did not hear her, and since then you've learned, the hard way, that your mom always knows more than you do (except when it comes to the sweaters she knits for Christmas).

11. Celebrate your birthday more than yours

Even if you were the one who was born that day, she will never forget who brought you into the world, so your birthday is, for those two reasons, the best moment of her life. Naturally, he will celebrate even more than his.

12. She is the only one who can shop for you

Your mom was the first celebrity for your eyes. His style influenced you and his closet was the first one you explored (regardless of the genre, you know that you tried his high shoes at least once).

Now, she is the only woman who can buy you exactly what you want even if you encarga only toilet paper and some Tupperware.

13. She was with you every time you did something stupid

If only because he was the one you called first.

14. She has seen everything

From your most embarrassing moments (like the time she had to take a change of underwear to school) or take care of yourself when you were seriously ill: you can do practically anything in front of her, and that does not make you love her less.

Sometimes you feel as if your mom could rule the world, because she has been through everything.

15. She will always be willing to share her food with you

He will eat less and tell you that he has enough, but in reality he wants the best for you, even if it is only about food.

16. He will listen to your little problems and then he will answer you directly

Your mom has immense patience for almost everything you do, including your dramas, although her therapy sessions are accompanied by firmness. (Again, that's why you're going with her in the first place).

17. He will not judge you for leaving the house in Pijama

But make sure you wash it before you go back to bed (God forbid!) With the same set. #priorities

18. You also want to know the bad news

Your mom is like a detective: she will find out what is wrong, no matter how many times you tell her that it is nothing. Even when, without reason, you take it against her, she will listen to you until the end.

19. Has stories that can compete with yours

Maybe you think you're rebellious, but your mom will remind you that she was much more rebellious than you. That you ran a marathon to cure cancer? Your mom marched over the Brooklyn Bridge during a protest hippie. Did you rock at the Beyoncé concert? Your mom did it at the Woodstock festival. Do not forget where your personality comes from (From mom, it comes from mom!)

20. He loves to hear you show off

Besides your grandmother, your mother is the only person who really likes to hear about your impressive achievements, and she does not secretly hate you for that. The truth is that, even if it is something as small as: I made my own lunch today! Your mom will want to hear you say it.

21. You have inherited half of your genes!

For your mom, this means that she has directly influenced your amazing way of being and is more responsible for making you magnificent. For you, this means that it terrifies you to become like her. I'm just kidding. Mom: we love you.

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