22 Promises that every man should be able to make to his girlfriend


Promises are something that definitely have to be fulfilled, involve a commitment and give you an idea of ​​how unconditional your partner can be.

Women appreciate in a special way men who fulfill what they have promised. That quality makes us love them even more and leads us to trust in the relationship. Therefore, here we leave you those promises that all men must be able to fulfill by the person they love the most.

1. I promise not to lose my head with video games

2. well, I will get a little excited; but I will not stop paying attention

3. My cell phone will not have a password; I do not have anything to hide

4. I will keep you by my side, even when I am among my friends

5. I promise not to stop doing the things with which I conquered you

6. I promise not to treat you like anyone

7. I promise to apologize in ways you do not expect every time we discuss

8. I promise to take your coffee to bed after a night out

9. I promise not to fall into the routine to keep the emotion in our relationship

10. I promise to value the trust you have given me

11. I promise to take care of you

12. I promise to call you; answer your messages

13. I promise to leave behind the past

14. I will not speak ill of your friends

15. I promise to give you enough time

16. I will understand that our relationship is private; the world does not have to know

17. I will not judge you

18. I promise to know more about your family

19. I promise to prepare dinner

20. I will not be a boring kid

21. I'll spoil you every time you get sick

22. I promise to love you until you want to

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