22 Incredible parents who are the true heroes during gay pride month


The first gay pride march in the United States was held in June 1970, to commemorate the first anniversary of the Stonewall riots, when in 1969, police dressed as civilians imprisoned and beat more than 200 women and men who were inside the gay club in New York. Since that night, in dozens of American cities, the last Saturday of June is celebrated the march for the rights of the LGBT community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transgender, Transvestite and Intersexual).

47 years later, love, support and inspiration continue to spread thanks to parents who support their children; here 22 mothers and fathers who became true heroes during the month of gay pride. Do you have friends in the community? In your month, send all your love to your family!

1. The filter for this mom's profile picture

When your mom wants to love you and support you so much that she copies your gay pride filter in her profile picture.

2. This surprise party

The whole family gathered to celebrate the LGBTTTI pride month; the decoration says pride and they have rainbows everywhere.

3. The colorful outfit of this proud mom

A special weekend celebrating pride with my mom.

4. Love has no labels

My mom is so cute that #orgullo

5. The first gay pride parade

My mom drove from Indiana just to join me in my first gay pride parade since I left the closet. Thank you for making this experience something incredible.

6. This father tweeting proudly his daughter

Super girl, I'm a very proud father.

7. I am proud of my gay son

This man made me cry. My dad went to the gay pride parade in D.C., for the first time, with my younger brother. I love you and I would not change anything in you.

8. This guy's smile says it all

My incredible son and husband in our first parade. What a wonderful day I shared with him.

9. The most special gift

For reasons of my new job, this year I could not attend the LGBT pride parade. I really wanted to leave so it made me sad not to go. My mother, who does not fully approve of my lifestyle, realized that I felt bad, so yesterday afternoon I was surprised when I woke up to go to work. She gave me the best gift in the world, herself

The Power of Pride: A History of LGBTQ+ Superheroes | NowThis Nerd (January 2021)