22 Disney Characters in their original artistic concept; they are totally different


There is not anyone who resists a Disney movie: their images are incredible, with moving stories and music capable of removing each of our fibers to transport us to worlds full of fairies, goblins, witches, pirates and princesses.

What few know is that the Disney fantasy does not come from powders, beans or magic spells but from an arduous work of scriptwriters, animators, musicians, creatives, et cetera. So we show you a little of this process, specifically in the area of ​​artistic design, because the iconic characters we know were not always the way we know them now.

1. Maleficent

2. Little bell

3. Ariel

4. Jane Porter

5. Toulouse, Marie, Berlioz

6. Rupture

7. Bella

8. The Genius

9. Carl Fredricksen

10. Flynn Rider

11. Anna

12. Rapunzel

13. Mulan

14. The Queen

15. Jasmine

16. Beast

17. Cruella De Vil

18. Aurora

19. Peter Pan

20. Alice

21. Cinderella

22. Snow White

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