22 Discreet Disney tattoos that your mom will not scold you for


Disney gave us fairy tales that made us believe in magic and happy endings. And since these will remain forever in our memory, why not capture them on the skin?

These 22 subtle ideas of Disney tattoos will enchant you and the best thing is that surely also your mom, who will thank you for being nice and discreet.

1. The castle in which we all want to live

2. It all started with a small mouse

3. The beauty of a warrior

4. Life under the sea is much better

5. How are a crow and a desk similar?

6. Are you obsessed by time like the rabbit?

7. Tatuage with your best friend

8. A very cute design for couples

9. Because a dog is not enough

10. The most flirty cat

11. Commemorate your faithful friend

12. A tattoo out of this world

13. If you love a beast

14. A geometric Stitch

15. You do not eat the apple for anything in the world

16. Colors in the wind

17. Nothing more subtle than a tattoo with white ink

18. We go to the Land of Neverland

19. Without worrying is how you have to live

20. What wishes would you ask the genius?

21. Be strong as Megara

22. Let's accept it, we love the villains!

Bettie Page Reveals All (April 2021)