21 Things that the man you will marry must have


Marriage is not something that is taken lightly. To share your life with someone, it is necessary to know if you have qualities that allow you to continue to love as time goes by. Remember that it is impossible to want to change people, so you must make sure you know the defects and virtues of your partner to be able to accept it completely.

Adapting to a person is not easy, they will share an endless number of times, sometimes difficult. Having a couple generates many expectations, and once married, both will want their relationship to be stable and happy. Thinking about that we have found attributes that you can look for in the person with whom you intend to commit.

1. Must have the ability to make you laugh

The laughter in a couple will help to free the tense moments and forget the anger.

2. You must accept your family

Respect is essential even when your family is not to your liking. Must be able to live with them and accept them.

3. The ability to get along with your friends

Remember that before you knew him you had your own friendships. Ideally, he can get along with them and please them, even if they do not have the last word.

4. They have to share at least one interest

Something that both like too much.

5. He respects your interests and your tastes

Even when you are not included in them, you should know that they are important to you and have a place in your life.

6. Have good finances

You do not have to be a millionaire, but you should not overlook the fact that you are responsible and protect your financial interests with your future in mind.

7. Know how to cook

How nice it is that the responsibility of preparing the food is not yours alone. In addition, who cooks usually wash the dirty dishes and do other things of the home without problem.

8. Let you prepare breakfast

Prepare breakfast or a cup of coffee as you like in the morning, is independent of knowing how to cook.

9. That is sociable

Have friends and other people in your circles so that your relationship with you does not become the only one.

10. Must have the ability to listen to you

Not only can you tell him your secrets but can support you with your problems or just talk with you makes him an ideal man.

11. They must have similar perspectives

A clear example of this, of entry, is when you want a big wedding and just a small meeting. If they do not reach agreements easily, they are likely to have problems once they are married.

12. They must be compatible in bed

You should not be afraid to ask for what you want, nor should he be afraid to make a mistake. Sex life is a basic element of life in common.

13. Share household chores

It's something you should be willing to support. Macho positions are no longer valid.

14. Who laughs at your jokes

To accept your sense of humor, just like you, does not seem important, but it is.

15. You should never insult you

Any kind of insult is something you should never accept. Not to mention some sign of violence.

16. You should not impose rules

Respect is basic in a relationship. Must be able to respect your decisions; Do not limit yourself to the things you like to do or prohibit yourself from seeing your friends or things like that.

17. Must want to have children if you wish

Both must share the decision to start a family.

18. You must respect when you need time to be alone

Actually, this allows him to have a life of his own as well. If you feel threatened because you have your own space, then something goes wrong between you.

19. Do not be sickly jealous

You should not check your phone or investigate your personal things. If he loves you, he will respect your privacy.

20. You should like to have a night for both

Even when they just sit down in front of the television to watch a show that they both like.

21. You have to know how to kiss

It's a great quality, plus you can do it for a long time once you're married.