21 Things that only the BEST friends will understand


The best friends are confidants that can be for you in any situation, you know that if at some point you need comfort they will not hesitate to give it to you. They know the details of every secret that has been told and have even developed an instinct to hate the same people just to support each other.

With a simple look they know what they are talking about or what kind of attractive boy they should look at. Here we show you 23 reasons why your best friends always understand you.

1. They will hate who you hate, without asking why

2. They are forced to analyze you when you enter a drama

3. They know that there are things that can only be solved by drinking

4. Of course, they will be the only ones who will know how to treat you when you are completely drunk

5. Each dirty detail of both new and rare sex will be counted

6. They share the same derogatory thoughts they would never tell anyone

7. They know how to feed the ego to each other

8. You can describe the vibes of the one you just met and they will know what you mean

9. They have conversations in which they know exactly who the enemy is

10. With a single glance you know what is the time to leave a place

11. They take hours in the bathroom because they have many things to talk about

12. They can insult themselves, but they will never be hurt

13. If they talk about how much they hate the family they should lean

14. They share laughter that they can not contain

15. They have a list where they classify their friends for their attractiveness

16. Sometimes all they want is to be together enjoying the silence

17. They have shared their meals

18. They are not judged among you

19. You know their romantic stories even better than yours

20. You are happy when you know that everything is fine in their lives

21. You will always defend them

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