21 Things that only the BEST FRIENDS for more than 10 years will understand


Friendship in one of the strongest bonds that are created between two people. It requires time, effort, dedication, commitment, and endless things from both people, however, it is something worthwhile, because the moments that are shared among friends are incomparable.

If you have been friends with someone for years, there is nothing better than being able to talk about that friendship over time. These are 21 things that only women who have had a best friend will understand for more than a decade:

1. In many of their conversations they end up saying: Do you remember the time?

2. And of course, it's better that both remember it

That was a crucial moment for our friendship!

3. They have a repertoire of embarrassing anecdotes to consult at any time

4. Including some photographs of Myspace with detailed descriptions of the clothes you wore

5. They can be brutally honest with each other

Does it look good on my skirt?

NO, take it off!

6. But they also know exactly how to compliment each other

Wow! You both look spectacular!

7. You have shared almost every doubt and insecurity that you have had during the last decade

8. They can spend hours together without doing anything

9. (Actually they can do almost anything together)

10. Even get slightly jealous if one of the two includes a new friend

11. They practically become family

12. Together they can die of laughter as with anyone else

13. It is a rule that they hate the same people

14. If someone speaks ill of her in front of you, the hell itself is unleashed!

15. When someone asks you to keep a secret, you assume you can tell your best friend

16. You can always find out when one of you is lying

17. In fact, you can almost read your mind

Sometimes it is not necessary to say anything, the two simply understand each other.

18. They have learned what their favorite foods are and the exact time they need them

To avoid some misfortune when your best friend and you leave, you must make sure that you have a piece of pizza before 3 am.

19. They have been together during the worst crises

20. And always one help the other to overcome them

21. They know that they will remain friends for years