21 Things that NO ONE told you would happen to the MUDARTE to another country at your 20


Some girls since they are little dreams of moving to another country, enjoying the freedom and all the new experiences that will be presented. But the truth is that moving from home to a distant country implies great changes and responsibilities. You will suffer the nostalgia of leaving your loved ones and at the same time, you will have countless joys, you will make new friends and of course every day will be a new adventure. These are 21 things nobody tells you that they will happen when you decide to go to live in another country and you are in the decade of your twenties.

1. It does not matter if you were the mother's consent, you will have to mature

2. Your first stage: being a tourist, taking pictures of everything and being fascinated by everything

3. Then the change will come: you will be depressed, although for a very short time

4. You will have a stage in which you will criticize everything and you will come to hate it equally

You will always blame everything that happens to the place where you are, even if it is not true.

5. Then, everything will be normal and you can finally adapt

6. If you travel accompanied, you will appreciate that the expenses are lower

7. If you travel alone, it is likely that you will get a boyfriend very fast

8. On important dates, especially at Christmas or on your birthday, you will miss everything and everyone

9. You will also notice that your best friends are really far away

10. And although you probably have new friends very soon

11. They will never be like them

12. Some obstacles will be easier to overcome than others

13. You will look more like your mom! Much more than you would like.

14. You will learn to value your family more than ever

15. You will compare the country where you live with the country in which you lived

16. You will discover new things in yourself, but you will continue being yourself

17. And the opportunities will start to arrive. You just have to take things slowly.

18. Your dreams will be fulfilled little by little

19. And although you're always nostalgic

20. When you realize that you made the best decision of your life you will be happy

21. You still have a long way to go!

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