21 Things that no one tells you about DEPRESSION


If all the time you feel sad; Without wanting to do things, it is not precisely that you are lazy or loose, it may be more complicated and you are going through a stage of depression.

In reality, depression is a state of mind that goes beyond sadness. There are times when you will lower your self-esteem up to ten points more than normal, and you will feel that you are not able to smile in any way; You can even blame yourself for all the bad things that happen in your life. If you have ever felt this way, review these points and consider the possibility of approaching a specialist: therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist.

1. Physically it is painful

People suffering from depression can somatize joint pains, sensations of stabbing pains in the chest, headaches, among other symptoms. When these persist, you will have to consult the doctor to assess the causes.

2. Asking for help becomes a difficult task

During the depression you will feel that no one cares about you and that nobody cares. Between your desire for isolation and the desire to know what happens to you, you can tell yourself that you do not want to bother: you must fight against that instinct and ask for help. No doubt someone will be able to listen to you and together find a solution.

3. People tell you unhelpful things

Because, to date, people in general have little information about depression or because it is wrong, it is easy to listen: Do not get depressed, you have to be happy, you should try harder to smile, among other comments that are not enough useful and can lead you to dangerous situations. Before feeling the limit, visit a qualified person in this type of topics to receive the appropriate advice

4. You have radical dietary changes

You can oscillate between forgetting to eat for a whole day and eat intensely without satisfying yourself. At the same time, your mood can affect your metabolism and lose weight quickly or get fat. If you find symptoms of eating disorders along with sadness and despair, seek medical help.

5. Some friends will not support you

Some would-be friends will not know how you really feel and will drift away little by little. The friends that really matter will always stay with you and not only will they ask you questions but they will give you the support you need: do not doubt it.

6. You feel like you're losing your mind

Depression is a mental disorder that manifests itself in various ways, for example, attacks of panic or anguish, compulsive thoughts and habits, phobias, deep sadness and fatigue, among others. Remember that you are not crazy or crazy, you have a disease that with specialized help can improve.

7. You feel a lot of anger and you are upset all the time, even with yourself

Irritability is a symptom of depression that occurs because you feel you do not get enough attention. Having a bad mood is part of the process and you should not be embarrassed or feel bad about it.

8. Daily tasks feel overwhelming

Something like washing a simple bowl that had cereal will feel like it's the most complicated thing in the world and you'll start to get frustrated more and more. Take it easy, breathe and if you feel it is something complicated leave the task for a moment, but try again. The processes during depression are slow, and progress is made little by little.

9. It's hard to know when your depression is speaking for you

Trying to have reasonable, logical thoughts is complicated: things go by your mind that you would not normally think about; In fact, your mind will not stop. Recognizing the difference in relation to your regular way of thinking will be an important step on the road to recovery.

10. Depression causes damage to your sleep schedules

You can not sleep when you want or as you used to; Severe insomnia attacks you and when you can finally fall asleep you can spend continuous hours sleeping. A simple nap can leave you knocked out.

11. The mirrors become your worst enemy

Low self-esteem is a symptom of depression, so looking in the mirror can make you feel bad and not like what you see in it. Avoiding them while you feel better is a good idea, but it is very important that you know that you are beautiful, that depression is momentary and can be treated by a specialist.

12. If you are depressed, you may not feel anything at all

If you have depression, not only do you feel sad, you are also emotionally drained. No matter what others say, your emotions seem paralyzed or blank, and you do not allow yourself to feel anything else. If you are at this point of emotional emptiness, you should go with a doctor or a therapist to help you.

13. Everything seems incredibly boring

Imagine, for example, that you do not care about anything and all you want is to lie on the sofa, watch TV and eat, even though you are not really enjoying it because you feel a deep agony.

Ideally, you should try to distract yourself. Of course, this involves doing some activity in which you download all your attention, but more than boring you feel downcast, downhearted, discouraged. Leaving your confinement is a priority.

14. You feel guilty all the time

The worst thing about feeling depressed is feeling that you are a person who only makes other people suffer. This is a common behavior in people who are depressed and not easy to control. Behavioral therapies can help you identify depressive thoughts and emotions as guilt and thus give you tools with which to combat it.

15. People can say things with which you feel judged

Yes, people do not measure themselves in reckless comments most of the time and they will tell you that depression is not a real problem. Do not let this type of comment affect you: depression does not make you a less sick person, nor will you heal only by making an effort or pushing.

16. Depression can show you another version of reality

Some studies show that depressed people show an unusual, more real vision of the world. At the same time you can have extremely rational thoughts, and recurring ideas about being a bad person. Nothing is true, except good therapy to help you stop the effects of depression.

17. You do not like to argue with people about the terrible person you are

You are not interested in arguing because you know you will never win. On the other hand, if someone makes a compliment or an encouraging comment you will say that it is not true and you will feel the same or worse than at the beginning of the discussion.

18. Your dreams become strange

Some studies say that as the stages of depression progress, the content and quality of sleep are altered.

19. You are not able to see clearly what the future holds for you

Depression attacks, decreases, your ability to hope for the good things that may come in the future. You feel that things are not going to improve and your thoughts are negative, frightening, demoralizing.

If you feel this way, please seek medical help or speak with a friend you trust. The important thing is to discard all those misconceptions.

20. You will feel very clumsy to integrate into society after a season of depression

It may be a long time before you feel comfortable being around people again, but everything has its time and you will slowly feel good about yourself when living with different people.

21. Depression will make you feel that you are alone, but you are not

If you think you are going through a depression, find out and seek help: do not lock yourself in; get closer to a person with whom you feel comfortable and have a lot of confidence. You are definitely not alone and you will always have people around you who love you and will fight with you to see you happy.

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