21 Signs that you have The BEST boyfriend in the world!


When it comes to a relationship in which feelings are more important than tax appeal, we focus on having an excellent person at our side who values ​​us, respects us and above all, shows us how much he loves us.

A great boyfriend constantly reminds us that we are beautiful and surprises us with details. When we look at it, our heart beats faster and we feel great emotion, because we know that our worries, even on our worst day, will be forgotten because he will be there.

If you have it but you still have not noticed, here are 21 signs that will help you identify it more easily. Although there are many ways to know that you have an excellent boyfriend, I think these are the best.

1. He's your number 1 fan

He is the first person to congratulate you when you have managed to do something very good and makes you feel like a superstar,

2. Always proud of your achievements

Even when you feel you have lost, it will tell you that you are a winner and will encourage you to move forward.

3. He calls you and sends you messages to remind you constantly that he loves you

Even when it comes to short messages to wish you a good day, you know that he thinks of you.

4. It's a kind of personal doctor

When you're sick, take care of yourself and try to pamper yourself, memorize your medications and remind you what time you should take them so you can recover your health soon.

5. He definitely hates when you cry

It feels really terrible and tries to see you smile.

6. It's your super hero

If someone hurt you or hurt your feelings, they will look for it and solve the situation for you

7. Respect your space

He does not get upset when you're busy; It helps you make your tasks easier and encourages you if you feel terribly tired after a stressful day.

8. It is your source of inspiration

When you are about to abandon everything, thinking about it makes you move forward and continue with more strength.

9. They have different points of view but they are not a problem between both

They do not get to have a discussion or conflict on a topic in which the two do not agree. He respects your opinions and ideas and understands you.

10. It always supports you

It gives you the security you need in a difficult situation and convinces you that you are strong enough and capable of resolving any conflict

11. Trust you and you know that you can trust him too

You can not deny that in some situations they both get jealous, but at the end of the day you know that he is the only person that really matters to you and that nothing and nobody can separate them.

12. He will never tire of telling you how much he loves you

He tells you every day, even every hour if possible.

13. It shows you how important you are to him

It does not just tell you that it loves you, it shows it in different ways, whether it's giving you a passionate kiss, a hug or buying your favorite food. They are small things that make you feel loved.

14. You value what you feel for him

You do not feel obligated to be by her side. The relationship with him is comfortable and spontaneous.

15. Makes you feel beautiful

He tells you how beautiful you are and compliments you on how beautiful you look.

16. You feel safe and protected by your side

You feel free of worries because he is by your side.

17. They do not have frequent fights

They get to have conflicts from time to time, but it will never be a reason to have a bigger fight or get insulted.

18. He shares his dreams with you

It lets you know what your goals are. If you want to travel to know a city, it always includes you in its plans.

19. Want to have a life by your side

He wants you to be the person with whom he will share his life and will do everything possible to keep you by his side.

20. Makes you a better person

No matter what kind of person you are, he knows how to get the best out of you, does not change your way of being and you have the freedom to remain yourself, as when he met you.

21. You love him every day a little more

You are happy at his side. You know it's not perfect (nor are you), but the important thing is that both love each other with the same intensity.

21 Signs You Are a Great Boyfriend! (January 2021)