21 Signs that you are a GRANDMA trapped in the body of a TWENTY-EIGHT

If you have ever found yourself saying phrases like: no, I will not do anything Saturday night, I did not go out yesterday, I was very tired or it's okay, let's go out, but to a quiet place please, then or do you have more than 40 years old or you are definitely a grandmother trapped in the body of a twenty-year-old girl.

If you want to know if your spirit is older than your body, then pay attention to these 21 signs that we present below:

1. Whenever you go to the club, you are surprised at how noisy it is

How the hell can the waiter hear what you just ordered?

2. It seems very difficult to be outside after 1 am.

I only go to the bathroom a moment (and then directly to my house to sleep)

3. Very often you prefer not to leave

It is possible that you have a good time if you go out, but you know that you will have a better time if you stay at home.

4. You have used all kinds of excuses to avoid leaving

I got intoxicated with something I ate, if it's the third time this month, I know, I'm very unlucky.

5. If you stay up late into the night on a Friday or Saturday night, you need half a day to recover

You can not get up because you need sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

6. If you have to leave, you prefer to go to a quiet bar than to a club where you have to dance

You prefer to be seated, to stand.

7. If you are going to drink alcohol, you want it to really be a nice drink, and have snacks

Wine tastes much better if you combine it with the right food, and food tastes better if you combine it with a good wine. They are for each other.

8. Although there are certain types of departures at night that do interest you

And they all end at 10 o'clock at night!

9. You are not completely sure whether or not to have Facebook. You will never feel safe about who can see what

And you definitely do not want to have Twitter.

10. You always regret updating an application

Change = bad idea.

11. You spend more money on your Netflix subscription than on vodka

12. The idea of ​​cooking is very exciting

And you're more interested in eating what you cooked than sharing it on Instagram.

13. Your favorite cable programs are about cooking, repairs and home decoration

14. Your idea of ​​a wild night is to have coffee after 7 pm.

Or watch a movie after 9 o'clock at night.

15. Undoubtedly, your favorite way to spend money is on food

16. Or maybe, kitchen utensils

And if you find an intelligent cleaning item you do not think twice.

17. Tinder scares you

All those strangers, all those emojis, NO! Definitely that is not for you.

18. Everything that has to do with dating is the opposite of a good time

Meet with a stranger, see if they like each other, do not talk about anything or trivia. Too complicated for you

19. People who do not dress appropriately for the weather distract you

How? He is not cold? If it's been raining!

20. You've become a fan of practical shoes

No pain = complete happiness

21. No doubt your bed is your best friend

You two can spend a lot of time together, not just at night. During the day, there is no better place to work on your laptop. If you had a state it would be in bed and in pajamas.

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