21 Problems that only girls who think too much about things can understand


How many times have you worried too much about things that do not really matter, or have you stopped thinking about those that are a priority in your life? Girls who spend too much time thinking things probably fight more battles than normal people, because they can not help but imagine the worst possible scenarios. Your life is a tangle of worries and your brain just never goes off.

Maybe you hate living in this constant state where you see the end even before a story starts and you are tired of the level of stress in which you develop. If you are a girl who reasons things two or three times, you may identify with these conflicts that occur when you think everything too much.

1. The most difficult daily task is choosing what clothes you will wear

This is because you always have to think about what will be appropriate to go to work and practical for when you go out to drink a drink afterwards.

2. Leaving home can take at least three hours

You stop to check every inch of the house and usually you forget where you left the keys.

3. You think so much that you forget everything important in your day

4. You are also an expert in worrying about absolutely nothing

5. If you have an important meeting, try in front of the mirror a thousand times what you will say

6. After all, it does not matter how many times you try it and try to learn it it will never come out as you expect

7. You spend most of your time trying to remember that you forgot

But when you really forget something you do not feel like you've done it

8. You can imagine the hidden thoughts that people have during a conversation

You have an emotional state where you feel slightly offended, and you also worry if people speak ill of you behind your back.

9. Conversations in text messages destroy your mind

You constantly think that if they have not responded in 45 minutes it is because they must surely be angry about something you said, or in the worst case they have had an accident.

10. You always apologize to feel more secure

11. Spontaneity is practically null in you

You feel a bit spontaneous if you decide to do something a couple of days earlier than planned instead of weeks or months.

12. Sleep becomes a problem, because your brain never goes out

Usually your brain worries that you only have 8 hours to sleep and they are not enough to rest.

13. Turning a shameful memory into something fun takes years of therapy

In fact, you're still trying to get over that embarrassing moment when you fell at 12 years old.

14. Most of the time people think you're a pessimist

But in reality you are a very realistic person with a very large imagination, so you always imagine the worst of situations.

15. You imagine the positive of a situation, although perhaps it will never happen like this

For example, if things go as well as they have done up to now, you could pay for a new car that is very cheap.

16. You spend a lot of time observing nothing

Which means that sometimes you'll end up accidentally looking at someone who may be the love of your life but you do not pay enough attention to them and maybe you stop paying attention to an important conversation.

17. Concentration can be very difficult, because you always travel adrift in your thoughts

Accidentally you ignore people, but it is very difficult for you to stop listening to the thoughts of your brain.

18. You are an expert analyzing the states of Facebook

You always have theories about what each state means on Facebook, or on social networks in general.

19. For you there is no worse feeling than to get drunk and not remember what you did

20. You're not good when it comes to making big decisions

If it takes more than 20 minutes to decide what clothes to wear in the mornings, and in the end it ends up not liking you, it is practically impossible for you to make a decision that is good.

21. You think that everything has a hidden meaning and you always make mistakes when judging before time

And that's fine

THINGS ONLY GIRLS UNDERSTAND || Swara (September 2022)