21 Problems that only dramatic girls will understand


The drama is part of the life of all women, although there are some who go so far as to exaggerate the situation.

Check this list, maybe you will identify yourself.

1. You think the world is conspiring against you

You become paranoid when a person looks at you, immediately you think he is planning to hurt you.

2. All comments are taken in a very personal way

You think all the comments are directed towards you and you react with crying and anger against the world.

3. If your boyfriend does not answer messages or calls, you think the worst

Maybe he died in an accident! Or worse: He is with another!

4. When something bad happens to the people you love, you act as if you too had suffered

You get hysterical and run to tell everyone to give you comfort.

5. When you can not control the situation, you lose your head

You think people think you're stupid and you can not solve things for yourself.

6. You think everyone takes advantage of you

No one can ask you a favor because you immediately think that you have become his servant.

7. You live stressed all the time

Every day you live as if something bad were going to happen.

8. Your fights are always more intense than those of others

It does not matter if you are right or not, you will discover that it is better to shout to solve a situation.

9. When they compliment you, you act like it's the first time they flatter you

Do you think I'm pretty? I had never been told anything so charming in my life.

10. It's always a good time to get sad

11. If you are ashamed of the boy you like, you think it's the end of the world.

I want the earth to swallow me. I will not let you see me in a long time.

12. When you have a sad memory you cry inconsolably

Although the memory has been of years ago, you keep getting sentimental.

13. If you do not like the clothes you are wearing, you think that you look like the most horrible being

Do not look at me, I'm horrid, I probably gross you!

14. If you feel sick you act like you're going to die

You start with the writing of your will because even if it is a cold, you are ready to die.

15. You write with capital letters so that everyone thinks you are excited


16. If you do not have a boyfriend, you will think that you will be single forever

You start having cats around you because you think they will be the only ones that will accompany you for the rest of your life

17. You hate waiting to get something

You think that waiting is the worst in the world and that time passes too slowly.

18. You have friends as dramatic as you

When they have a talk about one of their ex-boyfriends, they look for the most horrible way to torture him

19. You are super jealous

It does not matter that the waitress is kind, you will begin to complain to the way she looks at your boyfriend

20. You hate being told dramatic


21. You exaggerate any situation

No matter what it is, you will always be the queen of drama.