21 Beautiful ideas that will transport you to Japan in your XV years


The closest thing to a quinceañera that the Japanese have is the seijin no hi, a public ceremony celebrating his coming of age, in which the now adults dress in their best suits and kimonos.

In Latin American countries turning 15 is not anything and usually parents throw the house out the window to celebrate that the girls are all women. These 21 ideas will help you mix both cultures to celebrate your fifteen in an unforgettable way.

1. That the invitations are an indication of the theme

2. Inspire yourself in Japanese hairstyles

3. A dress of cherry blossoms

4. The perfect candy table

5. Fun themed cookies

6. No one will want to eat them

7. It is important to have a tea station

8. Or water for those who prefer something sweeter

9. Light up with candles in the shape of a lotus flower

10. Or with simple worsted lights

11. They are ideal for a night party

12. Hang Japanese umbrellas from the roof

13. The crane is a bird venerated in Japan

14. Add pink touches that evoke the cherry tree

15. Give your guests a typical fan

16. The Japanese love antiques

17. Add some color with a bonsai

18. Sushi can not be missing from the menu

19. A delicious cherry pie

20. Let your guests take a nice memory

21. Let your imagination fly!

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