21 Baby shower dresses perfect to show off your tummy


Bringing a baby to the world is an important event and it is necessary to celebrate it properly: with a baby shower!

The main rule to choose the party dress is that you feel comfortable with it, because being pregnant can make you tired faster and you are bloated. Highlight the beauty of your tummy with these 21 comfortable and beautiful dresses for your baby shower.

1. A classic white dress

2. It has to reflect your personality

3. Choose pink if you are going to have a girl

4. O blue if you expect a child

5. But if you have a colorful soul do not settle for a single hue

6. For your convenience, take into account if it is a party in a room

7. O outdoors

8. Always show your chic style!

9. Black is a classic that does not go out of style

10. If you baby shower it's in the spring, dress according to the occasion

11. A skirt and a top will give you a look relaxed but elegant

12. A wreath of flowers fits well with any dress

13. Believe us!

14. Feel like a princess

15. How about a dress with sequins?

16. Do not be afraid to show your carefree personality

17. If you already have a baby, combine your outfits

18. Wear a fashionable jacket if it's cold

19. Do not forget the floor shoes so you do not get tired

20. You and your baby need to be comfortable

21. After all, it's your special day!